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Be Still and Know Oneness with the Light

You are one with the undivided, sexless magnetic Father-Mother Light centering from within and controlling from without all sexed interchange between divided male and female electric light that produces the illusion of mass moving through space in time.

Your body is a reflection of your thinking like all of creation is a reflection of God’s thinking – and just like God’s sex-divided body of seeming motion is not God, your sex-divided body of seeming motion is not you. You are not a body of motion. You are still, and gender-less. You are the Idea of Man, or “God’s Son“.

The body eternally rising and falling to rise again is nothing but the effect of gloriously imagining a body in motion that simulates the Idea of Man in Stillness. You are God’s Idea of a co-Creator that is never created.

The sense of this motion is always changing as the body seeks to simulate balance; knowing this seeking to simulate balance as God/You/YourSelf knows it, it is only ever changeless ecstasy interchanging with changeless ecstasy in Stillness. You are the balanced Stillness and the balanced thinking producing the balanced illusion of motion is your ecstasy. Sensing the body to be forever finding and losing balance to find it again is not your Source of ecstasy.

Be Still and Know” your Source of ecstasy.

Meditate. Transcend identification with the divided motion that comprises the body. Let go of mentally processing the variability of sensing the body for mentally knowing the changeless glory of its eternal expression.

Copyright@Darcie French 2019

Q & A with Darcie French on the eternal ecstasy of Mind

Q: God created the universe, yet remains unaware of the universe? How is that possible?

A: God is in full control of His balanced universe and yet is ever aware of the ecstasy of His balanced thinking only. It is the ecstasy of Knowing the perfect, balanced interchange between His two lights of creation – the extending mothering light and the retracting fathering light.

In the state in the fire, when the universe disappeared into the balanced interchanging lights of God’s thinking, there was only the pure ecstasy of being One with God’s thinking. I knew no fear during the escape from the house fire; I knew only ecstasy. I knew no grief afterwards, except for the seeming loss of the nonlinear ecstasy by the return of identification with perception. It took seven-eight years to re-align my thinking with the Self-Balance of the two interchanging lights and to find rest without residue, and to Know balance throughout all activity.

I love this quote from the Divine Iliad, as it describes how man alone conditions ecstatic Love by unbalanced thinking into agony.

Know thou that Mind of Me is ecstatic always. I know neither grief nor pain, sorrow nor compassion, anger nor wrath, for these are qualities of unbalance, and unbalance is not in My house. Know thou that these unbalanced qualities are product of man’s unbalanced thinking. They alone are in him. They are not in Me.

Copyright@Darcie French 2018


Recall not the nervous system of duality, but the Interchange in Love that is Oneness with the Father

The nervous system is like the vertical spine of the cross that bears the horizontal outcroppings of space and time.

To forget the highs and lows of the nervous system is to remember Oneness in Love. To give them power is to seem as if to exist outside of the stability of the Kingdom of Heaven and at the mercy of duality. The nervous system interprets the effects of ecstatic thought, as well as “the detour into fear” (ACIM).

In the perceptual dream of the self split in two, there is consciousness of the dream vs unconsciousness of the dream. For every high of the nervous system that Mind attaches to in the dream of a split-from-Source-self, there is a corresponding low that Mind tries to avoid. For every thought of Love made unconscious, there is conscious pain. When the focus is on the dream, Awareness of Interchange in Love seems obscured by the seeming roller coaster of outer change.

Jesus spoke to the unreality of the nervous system by His untainted-by-belief Knowledge of Oneness. Recall not the nervous system that speaks to the belief in separation by responding to the illusion of outer change, but the Interchange in Love that is not the dream.



An analysis of Now and the need for acts of Love

The Union or Oneness of Self in God, that I attempt with great love (and a bit of poetic license) to convey in my writing, is that Which One is ever, irrevocably entwined in and is described as being “Now”.

The eternal Now is Absolutely intertwined with life forms becoming something from seemingly nothing and repeating. Each point in the universe is the Centering and Supremely Controlling Godhead, or the Central Intelligence of Creative Source. Godhead is ever creative. One is ever One with the Godhead. Each creating thing of God’s is the illusion of One Creating Thing that repeats forever. The Idea of Man, divided by the two sex-conditioned light-workers “Adam” and “Eve” is eternal and repetitive, yet this repetitiveness of seeming duality is not known to be the illusion of division until consciousness of Oneness as Being the Reality of Now has unfolded to Man’s Awareness.

In God’s Cosmic Play, “time(space) is an elastic band” as the song lyrics convey, and all that Adam and Eve, the sex-conditioned corpuscles of electrical light sprung from their rest in Oneness in the Still Godhead as One Idea aim to “catch up with” as they evolve through levels of consciousness in the world of seeming is the Now of their Origin. Yet if things seem to be “this way” — to the ego of consciousness, which the son of man is born accompanied with on his unfolding to Oneness  — things “are” that way. Oneness does indeed seem split in two, and so acts of Love are necessary between body images in order to communicate the Love that already is.

“You” and “me”, as we each identify with our perceptual body images to be our divided-from-One-selves, cannot help but assess, analyze, judge, desire, despise — we can’t help but emotionalize — from the ego’s point of view. With the exception of Jesus Christ, we are all born with ego. Jesus Knew of His Oneness with the Father, the Source of the play. He Knew of the Perfect Balanced Love that parented the very Idea of Him, in which His Source could only ever be “well-pleased”. The “Son of God”, perceived to be born in a body to die, never questioned the Father’s Love.

The “separation from God/Source/Cosmic Parent/Nirvana/Absolute Being” can never Be. Love is One Being, Being Love. Reflections of Love as images, Given to Idea to be re-imaged, repeat to infinity. There is no end to the Universal Idea of Man; each point of the universe births an entire universe. Universes are electrical displays of Cosmic Electricity, interconnected by the Magnetic Vacuum or Black Wholeness of God’s Stillness that One is irrevocably entwined with at the “level” of the Godhead, which is Each Point of Magnetic Stillness.

Each Point of Unified Stillness radially births an electric universe that in its seeming “return” to Origin, (ie, when you look in the mirror you see your image looking back at you) is perceived by the Point of Desires in the Godhead as living, breathing reflections of the Still Light of Origin that One is ever Being in Love with, and cannot actually be divided from its Bond of Love. The Father of Love is ever One with the Son of Love.

Yet the Son of Love believes, for a time, that He is separated from the Source of His Idea by the flesh and the bones of His Idea. And so it is up to those of us who realize that Love is Joined and can never be broken, to extend a helping hand to those who seem to have less, in our time of more.



Glossary of terms: Awareness


Awareness of Love Being is Absolute; Awareness of Love Being is All-Knowledge.

Adam‘s Awareness is Absolute, but seems divided by his dream of perceptual unrealities, the contents of which are continually embodied in consciousness and disembodied in unconsciousness. When Adam wakes from the dream of consciousness/unconsciousness, he realizes that he is under Supreme Control as God’s Idea, and that he, being co-creator of illusion, is in control of the inferior qualities of God that we call consciousness and unconsciousness. He comes to remember that he is eternally working with Magnetic God on manifesting the electrical body of the Supreme Idea of Man.

*Awareness vs consciousness: Awareness is Absolute and is not cyclical like consciousness. Consciousness and unconsciousness of embodied ideas seems to obscure eternal formless Awareness by representing expressions of “life vs death”. Death, the other half of life that is necessary for activity, is believed by the sense-lead ego to be “an end”, vs the beginning all over again.

From the Glossary of terms under development for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life.

Glossary of terms: Lightworker Adam


Adam, the preponderantly male light-worker, in balanced tandem with preponderantly female Eve, spins perceptual unrealities that are not Absolute. The images they spin are not entwined in God’s Being as the Son of God is — they are sensed for a time, and are not Known in Timelessness.

The images woven by Adam and Eve are God’s electrical imaginings, or effects; the Son of God is Magnetic like the Father, and is Indivisibly One with Cause. Adam dreams with Eve of divisions of Oneness wherein they alternate their preponderance of sex conditioning, ever with the goal of perfect intercourse, and they multiply their electrical divisions to infinity, to simulate the wholeness of “their” One Undivided Magnetic Self.

Adam, when he is mature and in his prime, is one equal half of the whole Idea of Man made seeming-to-be manifest. Eve is the other. Adam cannot appear nor disappear without Eve in her prime, nor can Eve without Adam in his.

From the glossary of terms in the works for the book Without the idea of death: there is only Life

Copyright@Darcie French 2017

Interchange vs outer change

“There is no subconscious Mind. Mind is not stratified. There is only Mind at rest, and Mind in action — which means thinking.” (Walter Russell)

There is only the Pulse of Life, which is God’s Interchange between rest and activity that is Known as Oneness with Love Begetting Love. There are no actual levels of consciousness; there is only interchange between rest and activity that is noted as if levels are real. Perception takes note of outer change that is the effect of projected interchange. The Interchange in Source which is the Zero Fulcrum divided into seeming two to project and reflect idea is Reality, the projection perceived as outer change is not.

Thinking is the mental love muscle that seems to bring something from nothing. Thinking germinates seeds of desire in the Mind of God by projecting for it the cube wave field needed to birth the spheres of imagination.

At rest in the Mind of God is everything that could possibly desire to become active. The Pulse of Life brings image to the Image Maker. Be not fooled by the illusions of outer change; there is only Interchange in Source.