A Queen of Grand Mothers Knows to Laugh

"Acts were not necessary before the separation, because belief in space and time did not exist." (ACIM) The separation itself is also a belief; it is the 'tiny, mad idea' the Son forgot to laugh at. Acts were not necessary prior to the belief in separation as the Son of God needed no reassurance of … Continue reading A Queen of Grand Mothers Knows to Laugh

Impulse of God’s desire

When God talks there are no words conveyed; God's "speech" is known as Impulse, it is known as One Word that completely defines me, uplifts me, and renews me when I do nothing but listen, and watch as I comply with Love. "Desire in Me is soul in Me" (Divine Iliad) I am irrevocably unified … Continue reading Impulse of God’s desire

The illusions of stability in motion

Form doesn't disappear from the universe; it is an illusion of testimony to matured movement returning to original stillness that mass appears stable. The time "before" the belief in space and time is now, prior to identification with reflections of stability; now is rest in timeless union in stillness, devoid not necessarily of noticing the … Continue reading The illusions of stability in motion

No need to protect or judge the unmindful

"Only the mind can create because spirit has already been created, and the body is a learning device for the mind. Learning devices are not lessons in themselves. Their purpose is merely to facilitate learning. The worst a faulty learning device can do is fail to facilitate learning. It has no power in itself to … Continue reading No need to protect or judge the unmindful

Deciding to heal

Three years ago, out of love for my family, I decided to heal. I did not care about the body at the time, and mistakenly thought I would have been "better off without it". I was riddled with fibromyalgia pain and bipolar depression. The voice inside that made me sick was the last of the … Continue reading Deciding to heal

ego-self love vs Self-Love

Ego-self's idea of love is not as Self Wills Love – Self Wills Love Wholly, Completely, and Perfectly with no exceptions. Ego self's idea is of “special” love accorded to fragments of the whole only - the kind of “love” used for sacrificing imaginary selves in order to avoid the Truth of Self's Will - … Continue reading ego-self love vs Self-Love

Desire Fulfilled

Consciousness produces the realm of perception. Consciousness is ego's domain and stems from the part of mind that fictitiously believes in separation from Source. Devoid of consciousness is Spirit's Awareness of the shared Will of God/Love/Source only, which is the ongoing extension of Love from Father to Son or Creator to Creation. The Son wants … Continue reading Desire Fulfilled