One with the Stillness

One with the Stillness of Love Being, I interchange only in Love with the Father of my Being, and this is all the actual motion there is to Know of the Pulse of Life. The Quality of this Interchange is Known to be ‘out-of-this-world’; to rest in the Source of Beingness is to be satiated by ineffable bliss that cannot be found elsewhere. At rest in the Mind of God is all desire satisfied.

This rest and satiation in Love is all that I know; I seek not to satisfy desires from without, for all desires are at rest in Love within. The body may move by attention to God’s Word, or by attention to the words of ego. When the body moves to the ego, it hurts. When it is moved by attention to the calling of Love, it is unnoticed, it is a non-event; One with the Stillness of Love Being; I cannot be divided by the seeming motion of Beingness.


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