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An actor I may appear to be — yet I am not a body, I am free

On Oct 29, 2009, the world of appearances disappeared into the non-dimensional Magnetic Self of God that is My Own Eternal Love. With the disappearance of the world of electricity, went all attachment to it, and to mitigating life within it as “the (separate) doer”. One’s Life is Known to be unified in Source.

“I need do nothing” (ACIM) is gloriously realized; all images made to be sensed rest in the un-made Self, Known only as the Love of their Conception. Only in tandem with nonlinear Source, is anything accomplished in the linear world.

An actor on the stage of consciousness I may appear to be; yet, “I am not a body, I am free”.

I rest in the Stillness of My Love, Begetting My Love.

One with the Stillness

One with the Stillness of Love Being, I interchange only in Love with the Father of my Being, and this is all the actual motion there is to Know of the Pulse of Life. The Quality of this Interchange is Known to be ‘out-of-this-world’; to rest in the Source of Beingness is to be satiated by ineffable bliss that cannot be found elsewhere. At rest in the Mind of God is all desire satisfied.

This rest and satiation in Love is all that I know; I seek not to satisfy desires from without, for all desires are at rest in Love within. The body may move by attention to God’s Word, or by attention to the words of ego. When the body moves to the ego, it hurts. When it is moved by attention to the calling of Love, it is unnoticed, it is a non-event; One with the Stillness of Love Being; I cannot be divided by the seeming motion of Beingness.


Creating in the Theater of Love

“See me, know me, be me. Be thou the fulcrum of thine own power” God’s words in the Divine Iliad.

“Every action of outgiving by man or nature is regiven toward the point of giving in the measure, quality and pattern of the outgiving.” Walter Russell

Every thought given by man or nature is regiven back to man or nature in equal measure.

This is a rough sketch I did of the “Theater of Love” or the mirrored box of light waves (light wave field) that reflects desire back to its point of origin for fulfillment.

The center of the box is the “zero point of Stillness” and the origin of desire in the Mind of the Creator (you are Desire in the Mind of the Creator). The illusion of motion is produced by the winding up of the two arms of the cosmic clock to produce centrifugal and centripetal spiraling that in an electrical pumping interchange concentrate (and decentrate) light waves into polarized matter that is returned to the original point of desire for its fulfillment.

A body is a reflection of a desire to make a self in the image of the Supreme. When we look at and love the shapes of ours and our children’s bodies, we are loving our versions of manifesting the Supreme.

“The building of the bodies of atoms does not in the slightest degree vary from the process of building bodies such as the Milky Way” Walter Russell

God’s Stillness of Perfect Love that is His and your Reality and Identity is never disturbed by any vibrations of desires producing the illusion of movement. You are God’s Desire for Love fulfilled, and you have the power to create your own moving embodiments on Earth like God creates His celestial bodies for you to move with in the Heavens.

The “zero point of Stillness” is “the fulcrum of thine own power” from which all desires originate and are returned to rest in. Know that this fulcrum of power is yours, given by God for you to extend. As desire is set in motion, this stillness extends through the center of the wave-length of incredible spiraling activity as its immovable, immutable “shaft”. This nonlinear shaft is connected to all minds; mind is never separate from its Source. Source is one Mind with infinite “worm holes” of connectivity between universal desires manifesting. This Stillness within all outer activity is your Reality that is extended from God, by God, for God to keep as His Desire fulfilled.

Everything you see in the manifest world is there because it was first a desire projected from the fulcrum of your own power. The fulcrum of your own power where the desire for outgiving rests is your own mind that is not separate from God’s. The waves set in motion are self-originated, and they come back to rest in their own source.

Make your view into a manifest slice of Heaven on Earth by focusing your desire on the miraculous. Desire the vibrations you send out from your fulcrum of power to be messengers sent out to collect manifest love. To be like God is to manifest the glorious on Earth without the idea of death, to voluntarily identify with the center of stillness God extends vs the outer spin, and rest in the extension of Truth Within.

theater of love

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