Effortless Exorcism

Entanglement in the material is much like a kind of possession. One is seemingly lost, seemingly overpowered by unseen forces, and seemingly caught up in an endless cycle of ups and downs, goods and bads, rights and wrongs. Notice that whatever is good has a shadow side; notice that in the material realm, there is no such thing as light without the contrast of darkness. Every night, the sun goes down and darkness encloses.

People desperately try to overcome this darkness, but in ways that can never be successful. We are all born into the forgetful flesh and we all have to let it go. One cannot control the path of the sun. One cannot control the coming and going of the tides, of menstrual cycles, of the process of birth and death. Happiness while entangled in the material entails constant vigilance to stay in the light of the sun, and to not succumb to the dark possession of the night.

The way out is to surrender the material to Source, to transcend the entire process by way of identification with the witness observer of Self-Awareness vs the experiencer of karma. We are only subject to our karma if we believe we are experiencing life through entanglement in the mundane. The alternative to identification with mind is to simply watch as life unfolds of its own accord and let all outcomes go to Source, which we all return to in the end anyway. The struggle of resisting our holy nature is the source of this possession – to “let go and let God”, as the saying goes, is to effortlessly exorcise those demons.

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