True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

“Think not that happiness is found by following a road leading away from it”. (ACIM) All suffering is based on the illusion that separation from Love is possible, which it is not. But the belief that it is possible to live without acknowledging Love as one's Source causes great suffering. At the root of suffering … Continue reading True empathy is allowing for only Self-Love

The Glory noted as the absence of time

“I” take full credit for not having much in the way of “follow through”. I take full credit for stopping short of finishing, because there is no longer an actually-believed-to-be linear sequencing of events stemming from “me”. “Me” is but the effect of the thought “I am”; all that is manifest stems from the effects … Continue reading The Glory noted as the absence of time

It is ok to live fearlessly

What every person who has tasted the nature of Divinity while “out of body” or “without form” will say is that life is eternal. The number of people who have gone through such experiences is possibly no different than it ever was, however, more and more people are talking about their experiences and voluntarily sharing … Continue reading It is ok to live fearlessly

The illusion of empathy

One cannot “save another” through identification with shared misery. Two times the misery cannot equate to one being less miserable. One cannot help ease another by imagining their pain and “feeling” it oneself; thus, empathy in this manner can only delay healing all around. Ego loves misery, not Self. Empathy can be an illusion that … Continue reading The illusion of empathy

Time vs eternity

There is only this one life, that which is going on now, and only consciousness of the seemingly aging body blocks Awareness of the infinite nature of eternity, and thus sets it within limits. Now is eternally unfolding of its own accord; it is only belief in the temporal that seemingly puts stops and starts … Continue reading Time vs eternity

He forgives, he forgets, and He Remembers

There is no such thing as cause and effect among illusions. One illusion cannot impact another illusion beyond a seeming combination of their effects. Illusions are concepts of a false reality and so have nothing to do with one another. There is only one Cause, and one Effect. God/Creator/Source is the Cause and His Son, … Continue reading He forgives, he forgets, and He Remembers

Effortless Exorcism

Entanglement in the material is much like a kind of possession. One is seemingly lost, seemingly overpowered by unseen forces, and seemingly caught up in an endless cycle of ups and downs, goods and bads, rights and wrongs. Notice that whatever is good has a shadow side; notice that in the material realm, there is … Continue reading Effortless Exorcism

All that is required

Giving up thoughts about the material for the spiritual and realizing just how much better the spiritual is has a drastic effect on everything. Karma seemingly speeds up - this is the last of the idea of a separate self to let go of. So, bring it on. When it goes to dust, it will … Continue reading All that is required

The original state

“Enlightenment avails nothing; it merely destroys a transitory manifestation, but not the creative impulse.” (Carl Jung) Having chosen to believe in a body as the source of life, having chosen to outsource Happiness to the forgetful flesh, it seems one has left the spiritual world for the material and has thus seemingly become entangled in … Continue reading The original state

Walking the Path

For spiritual students, folks who want to “Know Thyself” beyond the flesh, life with a body controlled by a mind can be an effort of ongoing surrender. The body, being a mindfully imposed limitation on spirit’s Freedom, is fraught with problems sourced by that which chose to separate from God in the first place. Add … Continue reading Walking the Path

The hidden source of innocence and holiness

"It is your thoughts alone that cause you pain. Nothing external to your mind can hurt or injure you in any way. There is no cause beyond yourself that can reach down and bring oppression. No one but yourself affects you. There is nothing in the world that has the power to make you ill … Continue reading The hidden source of innocence and holiness