The ballet of consciousness

The universe functions perfectly as the no-to-resting-in-God ballet of consciousness. All is acted out accordingly. What is held in mind seemingly manifests over and over through holofractal “layers” of experiential realities. The play carries on indefinitely if one pays it attention. Universal form apparently bubbles up to dissolve back into the nonlinear power of Source … Continue reading The ballet of consciousness

For You, with Love

While this body appears in time as a householder, acting as a mom and wife, it also acts as a writer. The subject of the writing has stabilized; it has gone from writing about illusions all over the map of consciousness (R) to the commitment to writing from beyond the map itself. It seems the … Continue reading For You, with Love

The message missed by the masses

Christmas used to be a time of anticipation. As a kid, I remember losing sleep the weeks leading up to Dec 25 because I was so excited about what might be under the tree. I couldn't wait to eat the turkey dinner, and I craved the one day of the year the family was happily … Continue reading The message missed by the masses

Turn passion into a messenger of peace

Conflicting interests and opinions are dealt with differently by different levels of consciousness. At the levels of desire, anger, pride, conflict is played out by engaging in war, persecution and strife. At the levels of courage and beyond, conflict is increasingly resolved not "by healing" per se (conflict is ongoing) but it is transcended by … Continue reading Turn passion into a messenger of peace

Look to what is eternally true

The relinquishment of the thoughts about "me" and "mine" unveils the inner knowingness that there is only One Child: the Son of God, or the Self. Be not concerned with gender; "son", the word, is a man-made thing meant to be forgiven - no more, no less. The eternal Self is body-less, form-less, gender-less. There … Continue reading Look to what is eternally true

Contextualizing the fear of God

Christ said, "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you." Most folks are striving for the additions before seeking God, and this sources a whole lot of upset. It is not possible to find lasting happiness in the temporary world of appearances; happiness lies in the recognition of … Continue reading Contextualizing the fear of God

Letting Go of Attachment Love

"Surrender everything to God". In a tangible world, this can be taken literally. Do I let go of my child? My grandchildren? My husband? Not literally, no. One still gives and receives love as the opportunities arise - one still touches, one holds on. What is let go of are the thoughts about my children, … Continue reading Letting Go of Attachment Love

Effortless Exorcism

Entanglement in the material is much like a kind of possession. One is seemingly lost, seemingly overpowered by unseen forces, and seemingly caught up in an endless cycle of ups and downs, goods and bads, rights and wrongs. Notice that whatever is good has a shadow side; notice that in the material realm, there is … Continue reading Effortless Exorcism

Walking the Path

For spiritual students, folks who want to “Know Thyself” beyond the flesh, life with a body controlled by a mind can be an effort of ongoing surrender. The body, being a mindfully imposed limitation on spirit’s Freedom, is fraught with problems sourced by that which chose to separate from God in the first place. Add … Continue reading Walking the Path

Karma’s Story

Karma's Story the book is about love and madness, truth and illusion; it is a description of releasing unnatural depression, opting out of ego's limitations and accepting the natural state of joy. It is about letting go of negativity and embracing unconditional love. It is a "radical truth" story of what happened after an illuminating … Continue reading Karma’s Story