Letting Go of Attachment Love

“Surrender everything to God”. In a tangible world, this can be taken literally.

Do I let go of my child? My grandchildren? My husband? Not literally, no. One still gives and receives love as the opportunities arise – one still touches, one holds on. What is let go of are the thoughts about my children, my grandchildren, my husband. What is surrendered is ownership. What is let go of is the concept of “me, and mine”.

I appear as a mother, a wife, a grandmother. Whether I am subject to the ups and downs of those roles depends on whether I identify with the thoughts about those roles, or whether I surrender them. Without surrender, I am subject to the experience of karma, both good and bad. With surrender, one sees things differently, with an open mind and an open heart. One is able to experience love without conditions and thus, by extension, love grows of its own accord. Love for fellow man increases exponentially when noted that we all share the same Source, that there is a higher power at work that is the quality of love. The experience of love decreases when thoughts about appearances tighten their hold; attachment love is subject to change in thought. With attachment love, one is subject to the ups of gain, and the downs of loss. With surrender, one comes to unconditionally know Love without breaks, without loss.

How I let go of attachment love: I surrender thoughts about my family to Self-Love (I surrender all thoughts about). Thoughts cannot compete with the Source of Love. I cannot think up a better way to care for my family than Being only what God has Created (Love).

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