Contextualizing the fear of God

Christ said, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you.”

Most folks are striving for the additions before seeking God, and this sources a whole lot of upset. It is not possible to find lasting happiness in the temporary world of appearances; happiness lies in the recognition of and identification with the eternal world of essence.

The Kingdom of God is within. It is the Source of Love. Only when it is recognized as being equally within every sentient being will one see God in the world too; only then will one recognize the divinity of allness. Most folks are afraid of God, because they are aware on some level that they have mistaken God for being responsible for their own painful projections. Folks believe God is responsible for all the devastation in the world, and thus they turn away from the Kingdom, and look in the outer realms for happiness.  Unfortunately, this is a happiness that is elusive at best.

We are responsible via projection for appearances. What we hold in mind is what tends to manifest, because what we hold in mind gets projected out. It comes back to us in what we see as the world. Nothing “out there” is inspired by Source, but by the belief in separation from it. It is the separation from the Kingdom of God that sources the world.

A Course in Miracles, dictated by the Holy Spirit, leads us back to the Kingdom of God and away from the world of appearances. Appearances lose their value (both good and bad) as they are seen for what they really are: valueless, ego-based, and not sourced by Love.

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