Look to what is eternally true

The relinquishment of the thoughts about “me” and “mine” unveils the inner knowingness that there is only One Child: the Son of God, or the Self. Be not concerned with gender; “son”, the word, is a man-made thing meant to be forgiven – no more, no less. The eternal Self is body-less, form-less, gender-less. There are many diverse representations of the Self here on Earth, yet in essence, there is only one.

I was standing in a line up chatting with the “strangers” in front and behind me. There was a little girl around a year and a half old, about the same age as one of “my” granddaughters. What joy in just being with her, just for a few moments, even though she is not “mine”! Her smile, the light in her eyes, all represented the one shining Self that we share. No body is a stranger to the One Self; we are all “Sons of God”. Little children know this.

Forget about lording over the material, forget about laying claim to fragments of false identities: “me” and “mine” represent impending loss only. Forgive the appearance of division, and recognize the one eternal child that exists in all.

Look to what is eternally true.

Here’s a video of Dr David R Hawkins talking about the relinquishment of “me” and “mine”

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