Turn passion into a messenger of peace

Conflicting interests and opinions are dealt with differently by different levels of consciousness. At the levels of desire, anger, pride, conflict is played out by engaging in war, persecution and strife. At the levels of courage and beyond, conflict is increasingly resolved not “by healing” per se (conflict is ongoing) but it is transcended by subjectively experiencing ever increasing levels of love.

The courage to let go of anger and desire, the sources of conflict, allows compassion (passion’s alter ego) to arise, and with it, another way of looking at things.

It’s wonderful to be passionate about things we personally love. When passion turns to anger, though, passion is no longer in its productive state. It’s time to surrender the old and embrace the new.

Allowing forgiveness (vs tenacious engagement in attempts “to heal”conflict) opens up a blank space where tension used to collect in endless thoughts that looped upon themselves.  All that needs to be surrendered  is that pack of angry thoughts that’s eating up innocent space.

Passion is an element of the material realm. It’s transitory, it’s temporary. It peaks, wanes, crashes. How one believes in passion creates a karmic future. Old passions can either turn into enemies of peace, or messengers of it.

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