The message missed by the masses

Christmas used to be a time of anticipation. As a kid, I remember losing sleep the weeks leading up to Dec 25 because I was so excited about what might be under the tree. I couldn’t wait to eat the turkey dinner, and I craved the one day of the year the family was happily together.

That all changed December 2007. Christmas, as I knew it, totally and completely lost its meaning. Prior to that year, Christmas was all about the gift giving and the material satisfactions and the sense of attachment love; Christmas had nothing to do with celebrating the birth of Jesus or the message of the Christ.

When the Higher Self, in all Its Glory was illuminated, attraction to the material became false. Hollow. A non-event. The true meaning of Christmas, re-connecting with the Higher Self, or the Son of God, or the Christ, was revealed. And it was revealed with great Joy and immense sustainable Love – the kind of all encompassing love that prior I had only an inkling existed.

Christmas changed yet again. With the illumination of Self and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita, I and my immediate family became vegetarian. It seemed to be a natural course of events because nothing about the experience of Christ’s Love dictated that killing was in order for the Christmas season, or any season. In fact, the opposite was in order. In place of the old anticipation was fully satisfying nonlinear love – and love doesn’t harm. Love doesn’t lord over others. Love doesn’t need material objects in order for it to expand. Love doesn’t need to hoard form, or eat flesh to survive. Love expands of its own accord; love needs no bells or whistles – no presents – to announce its Presence. Love protects the innocent; love doesn’t say, “this life is more important than that.” Love is the reason Christ was born. The love that naturally arises from being kind to all of life sure seems to be the core of Christ’s message.

A message that was, and still is, missed by the masses.

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