Where One truly Lives

One is seemingly subject only to what is held in mind outside of what is Innately Provided by God/Self, or Heaven, and what is held in mind outside of Heaven can only be thoughts of difference and discord which seem to split the Self of God into many parts. Duality is manifested by errant thought … Continue reading Where One truly Lives

Investing in Reality

One Truth can't be bought or sold from the event horizon of possibility, because Truth's only currency is Love, and Love is Freely Given and Connects all things. But surrender to Love, and have everything one could ever want to buy or sell Given. Love is forever changeless, forever consistent, never varying in its essential … Continue reading Investing in Reality

The road back Home is ever lit and clear

In the nonlinear state wherein one is in direct receipt of real Knowledge, which is Love that is simultaneously from and for God/Self, perception does not exist. There is no conception of form in the state of the Self that naturally enjoys the extension of Love, and by the enjoyment of it completes Self's Will. … Continue reading The road back Home is ever lit and clear

Split-minded parenting

The mind that believes in separation from Source will teach and learn of the belief in being responsible for making something out of nothing. Falsehood is repeated over and over and the subjectivity of unreality seems to become more and more solid, and thus more of an obstacle to peace. Having learned only errors via … Continue reading Split-minded parenting

Only Truth is always true

There is no such thing as sin. Everybody has everything already given them. Differences are illusions that can never be. And yet. In the world of appearances, it seems that sin is everywhere, it looks like there is discord over lack, and Love is chronically withheld in the name of difference. All of these dramatic … Continue reading Only Truth is always true

Remembering the straight goods

When the light went on that I had been seeing different bodies vs viewing the Same Self, the real healing began. When I look back on my childhood, what stands out most is the overwhelming, all-encompassing love I experienced for my mother. The sun rose and set on my mom. She was everything to me. … Continue reading Remembering the straight goods

Transcending the belief that God could allow suffering

Why does God allow suffering? The short answer from A Course in Miracles: He doesn't. God's Will is Only Ever Love. The Mind of God has everything His Son, whose mind is an extension of His, could ever want or ever need. The Mind of God, which by extension powers His Son's mind with Love … Continue reading Transcending the belief that God could allow suffering

I love you for the truth in you

As a child in Sunday school I didn't understand why Jesus would love me. When I sang the song “Jesus loves me, this I know” I didn't know it, and I sang it full of doubt. Jesus doesn't love me for what I have made of myself. He doesn't love me for my ego because … Continue reading I love you for the truth in you

One Answer to many questions

The Holy Spirit or the Voice for God, which exists in all of us, does not look at differences in perception. He sees past illusion and looks straight to Truth.  The ego says to look at the perceived differences and make something out of them. All that is made of them by ego is more … Continue reading One Answer to many questions

Relief is already at home

There is only one decision: the decision to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit or the Right Mind, or to the voice of ego, or that which believes in separation from Source. The Holy Spirit knows that we are all children of God - we are all, at our Source or our Home … Continue reading Relief is already at home

The message missed by the masses

Christmas used to be a time of anticipation. As a kid, I remember losing sleep the weeks leading up to Dec 25 because I was so excited about what might be under the tree. I couldn't wait to eat the turkey dinner, and I craved the one day of the year the family was happily … Continue reading The message missed by the masses