Post apocalyptic enlightenment

From this (inner) viewpoint, the higher purpose of having children in one’s life is to raise God consciousness. This viewpoint was not always testified too, and thus, was not always taught. Having “lost time” by way of ego identification, it can seem to take apocalyptic type energy bursts in order to catch up.

Prior to re-awakening to the nonlinear state of the spirit and the dissolution of the belief in ego as the operating mechanism or “source of life”, the children arrived strictly via biology, or the Newtonian paradigm of cause and effect. Not much thought was given to the purpose of existence beyond survival of the body and acquisition of the material. Biology was followed, not God: I had sex because I wanted to, I got pregnant and had babies as a natural progression of events. I lived with the ups and downs of the biological consequences as if I was at the mercy of outside forces, as if there was nothing I could do to change, as if it was out of my control to change the pattern. Such was life unfolding via identification with ego, and the belief in being separated from “God”, or Source.

This pattern was handed down, a pattern that procured an environment where lust, sourced by ego, not Love, sourced by God, was the head of the family. Love for my biology partners, for my partners in the forgetful flesh, was not really part of the equation. A form of possession, perhaps, but love … no. Not so much.

With maturity and radical self-honesty, it is clear that what I acted on was simple ego driven lust. I was a perceptual biologist, nothing more, nothing less. While having sex without love the foundation was laid for a glass house, and, simultaneously, a frame of reference for what to surrender when it broke.

It was learned experientially, while having sex without a higher purpose, that life without God or Source in mind, with sexuality/procreation ruling over spirituality/Creation, is chaotic/temporarily thrilling at best and depressing/suicidal at worst. The style of operating in this case, what was learned and taught, was one of co-dependency. Since everything we give is everything we get, it was about continuously sharing the blame for a long line of relationships gone wrong that were really just relationships where the lust died, and in its place was the love that never was. It was a pattern of “misery loves company”; no matter how much the conditioned (to believe in lust) participants may wish for things to be different, lust without love comes to an end. Acting for lust limits options, keeps consciousness horizontally aligned and prevents vertical growth because there are only two ways out of desire – down into fear, or up into anger. Both energies have enough force to keep one spinning one’s wheels, ever on the hamster wheel but unable to get off. It takes courage, which is really just the start of faith in the Self, to transcend the field of desire altogether.

Transcending the field of desire through courage is the intention behind raising God consciousness in children. It doesn’t work to simply tell a child, “you should learn from my mistakes” if there is no benefit outlined to the child for choosing differently.

Innocent perception cannot chose its own programming; it is programming. God is the Source of All Benefit, and the ego, having seemingly separated from God, cannot know that. With God’s Love, noted directly by way of revelation as a beautiful feeling, desire no longer exists; it never was.

There is always the day after an apocalypse, and it’s always a day of enlightenment. Life continues in the absence of desire. Only programming dies. Ego’s loss is Spirit’s Victory.


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