Relief is already at home

There is only one decision: the decision to listen to the Voice of the Holy Spirit or the Right Mind, or to the voice of ego, or that which believes in separation from Source.

The Holy Spirit knows that we are all children of God – we are all, at our Source or our Home as one Self, perfectly sinless, and incapable of committing error. Christ said to “turn the other cheek” because he knew it was impossible to be harmed. Krishna said “the soul cannot be born, nor can it die”, because he knew that death is but an idea. Only the idea of separation can be born, and thus be subject to death; thus, only the idea of separation can engender fear of loss.

The ego is the decision to separate from God’s Love and make things seem according to the whims of a separate will. The Holy Spirit says that Love is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. Love is all that was never left.

Fear arises in Love’s seeming absence because in its seeming absence, one knows that leaving Love is the wrong decision. The ego says there are degrees of separation, and levels of perceiving separated states, and all of which are held in place by the fear of them being replaced by Love. The Holy Spirit is based in Love, the ego based in fear. One either listens to the Voice for Love that knows only Love, or the voice for fear that perceives separation.

Conflict cannot arise from the Holy Spirit because He is unified with God and God is Love. Only conflict can arise from the separated ego. Separation never equates to cohesion.

One might think to “kill the ego” to avoid conflict, yet the ego cannot be destroyed, only relinquished, because it is already the idea of destruction. Ideas of separation can only be relinquished in the name of Present Love. The Holy Spirit does not engage the ego, but looks past it. He looks far beyond the realm of made up things, to the Source of God’s Creation. He looks straight to Innate Perfection.

To submit to identification with ego vs the Holy Spirit is the meaning of “temptation”. Thankfully, once the ego’s thought system has been relinquished, it is notably difficult to listen to its far away voice. It becomes no longer possible to believe in the value of a separate will, when it is Known that Relief is already at Home.

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