How To Deal With Covid From The Enlightened Perspective

Q: THERE IS NO DEATH ANYWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE - This is a profound observation. How does one see the Dance of Death unleashed by Covid all over the world including UK and India? When a close family member, who is the most loved ones, leaves this Planet untimely, how should one take it? ~ … Continue reading How To Deal With Covid From The Enlightened Perspective

Rest in Eternal Life

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you” said Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago, seeking enlightenment first and foremost was the #1 recommendation from someone “in the know”. And still, this is not a common recommendation today. Great mystery (and even stigma and discrimination) surrounds the word … Continue reading Rest in Eternal Life

One with “the Zipper”- a description of Being One with Joined Love

The One still Light of the Self is seemingly divided into two equal halves of it that interchange. One side is seemingly male, and one side is seemingly female. One half of the Light is seemingly Adam, and the other half is seemingly Eve. In December of 2007, after a year of  meditation and of … Continue reading One with “the Zipper”- a description of Being One with Joined Love

Simply Being, in Love

Enlightenment is recognition of Self as Pure Love. It is mind at rest in Source, which is Love In Receipt of Itself. It is not a nothingness (or “void”), but the clean Knowledge of the meaning of Everything-ness. It is the state of the Unborn; that which is born is made little, and is not … Continue reading Simply Being, in Love

The Glory noted as the absence of time

“I” take full credit for not having much in the way of “follow through”. I take full credit for stopping short of finishing, because there is no longer an actually-believed-to-be linear sequencing of events stemming from “me”. “Me” is but the effect of the thought “I am”; all that is manifest stems from the effects … Continue reading The Glory noted as the absence of time

Let not theology delay you

From the ACIM Manual For Teachers, “The structure of 'individual consciousness' is essentially irrelevant because it is a concept representing the 'original error' or the 'original sin'. To study the error itself does not lead to correction, if you are indeed to succeed in overlooking the error. And it is just this process of overlooking … Continue reading Let not theology delay you

Existence without water

According to Dr David R Hawkins' consciousness research, only 1% of mind focuses on consciousness, or the domain of ego (belief in separation from Source). The other 99% just is. This 1%, which is all thought, all mental activity and thus all physical representations of those activities, seems to completely occlude access to the knowingness … Continue reading Existence without water

The ballet of consciousness

The universe functions perfectly as the no-to-resting-in-God ballet of consciousness. All is acted out accordingly. What is held in mind seemingly manifests over and over through holofractal “layers” of experiential realities. The play carries on indefinitely if one pays it attention. Universal form apparently bubbles up to dissolve back into the nonlinear power of Source … Continue reading The ballet of consciousness

The Godhead vs consciousness

Consciousness is the mind of God as it experiences itself as if away from Source, with form; Awareness knows itself as only itself. Any kind of “experience” is possible within consciousness, yet there is only One Love of Awareness. One can dream-to-have a light body, or a flesh body; one can identify with and experience … Continue reading The Godhead vs consciousness

Free will says one can choose

There are two thought systems in consciousness: one that thinks and acts for ego or the belief in separation, and one that thinks and acts for God, or the Knowledge of union with Source. The thought system that is based on listening to the voice for ego is one that may bring some temporary forms … Continue reading Free will says one can choose

For You, with Love

While this body appears in time as a householder, acting as a mom and wife, it also acts as a writer. The subject of the writing has stabilized; it has gone from writing about illusions all over the map of consciousness (R) to the commitment to writing from beyond the map itself. It seems the … Continue reading For You, with Love