Listening to Christ

Let go, and let Love extend without question. Life is dedicated to being Love; there is no desire to leave the alter to Love within. When “not” in Love, mind contemplates suffering, and projects a helpless self seemingly at the mercy of it's own projectiles; thus, what the idea of death has taught me is … Continue reading Listening to Christ

Relax into Love

The body demonstrates the mind's ability to hold position outside of resting in Source/Self/Love. Everything the body does comes from thoughts held first in mind. Beyond mind-body is Love, ever extending. Rest in this Love, and the body is free to communicate Love. It is pure Relief to let go of positions, and relax into … Continue reading Relax into Love

Can you surrender it?

One believes oneself to be in pain, or receiving pleasure, about something or other. Something in consciousness seems grievous or welcome. “Your pain” might be “somebody else's pleasure” and vice versa. Who knows what illusion of life without the Father is held in consciousness, and what its fleeting meaning was? It came, and it went, … Continue reading Can you surrender it?

It is ok to live fearlessly

What every person who has tasted the nature of Divinity while “out of body” or “without form” will say is that life is eternal. The number of people who have gone through such experiences is possibly no different than it ever was, however, more and more people are talking about their experiences and voluntarily sharing … Continue reading It is ok to live fearlessly

Look to what is eternally true

The relinquishment of the thoughts about "me" and "mine" unveils the inner knowingness that there is only One Child: the Son of God, or the Self. Be not concerned with gender; "son", the word, is a man-made thing meant to be forgiven - no more, no less. The eternal Self is body-less, form-less, gender-less. There … Continue reading Look to what is eternally true