Constant intercommunication with God is Absolute

I am reading The Message of the Divine Iliad for the first time and loving the ongoing discovery of core meaning in my scribing and what Walter Russell scribed before my birth; all information is available from one Source. Knowledge is Universal and all is Known by Awareness of God within.

… man gradually becomes co-creator with god by constant intercommunication with god through the language of Light which man knows as inspiration. Inspiration is man’s direct intercommunication with God. It is the basis of all genius. It is the answer to the difference between the average man and the rare mystic.”

Constant intercommunication with god through the language of Light” is this same interchange of Absolute Love between Creator and Creation, God and Son, that I speak of.

“Constant intercommunication with God” is the Absolute interchange of Love between Creator and Creation. The mystic translates the language of Light into symbols the average man can use to transcend the idea of mediocrity, and realize the Supreme Being he is.



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