God is Love and Lover

In the Oneness of God’s Still Light are all of His reflections. The Light is Love and its reflections are manifestations of Love. Reflections are representations of Love. The body is a representative of God’s Thinking, a reflection of God’s Love. One with God are His reflections: God is One Being I Am.

The Earth is a magnificent stage for God’s Theater of Love. God’s One Idea of Man is the prime character in this Play of words on Word. God is Love, and His Idea of Man develops through God’s expression of Love. God’s Body of Man develops in the Heavens as well as on Earth, and His Being is shared freely without division. Through man perfecting his ability to love, God’s Love is acted out.

God is Love, and God is Lover. All is God’s Love; One is only God’s Love.

Copyright@Darcie French 2017


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