Q & A on difference between impersonal God realization and personal God realization or illuminated information and Direct Knowledge

Q: Hello. It’s me again… I have to ask this again in another way… 🙂
In Eastern traditions like Advaita for instance, there is simply One Self, uncreated, that is existence-consciousness-bliss.

There is only one infinite soul/being/consciousness. Being infinite and eternal, nothing else can come into existence or be created, because you can’t add anything to what is infinite…

What is the difference between that philosophy and what you experienced? Was our soul brought into being and would not have otherwise existed?

Or do you mean more that Self is in a relationship with Itself and there is no Awareness that was actually created?

Or to put it another way, why is it not simply that we are Awareness without a Creator? That seems far more elegant and simple to me and am what I am used to.

When I have experiences of being pure awareness during meditation, I am only Self without another. Are you saying that this Awareness only exists because it was Created? Did God decide to create it?

A: It seems there are stages of revelation leading back to Absolute Awareness. It might help for me to speak more to those stages within the context of my own seeking for and recalling it.

I declared in 2005 that enlightenment was my number one goal in life. I spent the year of 2007 surrendering thoughts about roles, meditating, and studying a book by Dr David R Hawkins called “I: Reality and Subjectivity”.

In December of 07 there was a sudden jump in consciousness from the experience of the mind/body being inexplicably bound together to the mind being noticed to be free. For several weeks I was in what has classically been referred to as “walking samadhi” and there were many examples of the siddhis along with altered space perception and mental access to information. It was like a three week trip on LSD, if you will – indeed it could be described as realizing God/Self as “existence-consciousness-bliss”. Consciousness expanded to include the view from space as if I was a space traveler and the mind formed the spacesuit as I went. I could see God’s Body in the Heavens, and noticed that it was shaped just like man’s. All information was simply present, or encoded, and not secretly – but it was all still represented by form. Everything was innately shared by power that was known to be my own, and yet, consciousness itself was still operating. The edges of duality were blurred but not wiped out. Life was still presented in a frame that came and went with consciousness.

When the state “left”, the experiences within it of the mind being free stopped occurring. The information was all still present, but as if blocked or obscured again by being bound again to the surface of the Earth. In the state of illumination God is experienced as impersonal bliss, if you will, by paying testimony to His Radiant Effulgence and all that it shines from and upon. God’s only form on Earth is bliss, and the awakened state is full of God’s bliss. One is in love with everyone and everything.

In October of 2009 as my family and I were leaving a house fire in the middle of the night, I spontaneously let go of the belief in spacetime. Consciousness gently went through a couple of seeming stages in reverse through the splits from Oneness back to it, and then it disappeared. There was no longer the space traveler, there was no longer spacetime; they never were. There was only my Identity and Reality which were Known to be the Same and Eternal. While the universe had disappeared, and the body had disappeared – they never were – my Identity never changed but was Known as Changeless. It absolutely stayed the same. And yet, I did not “exist” perceptually. Consciousness-existence-bliss was gone; I was only an interchange of Absolute Love directly coming from what was ineffably Known to be my Creator/Source/Supply of Love/Awareness/Identity/Reality, and instantaneously returning was the same Love as sheer gratitude for Being/Sharing Identity/Reality. The Absolute is not impersonal, but ineffably Personal. I shared the same Supreme Personality as my Source, and there was nothing more or less than Supreme Identity/Reality.

In Dec 2007, it seems, was all information impersonally presented – through the sixth sense, or the third eye opening, so to speak. The effect was great bliss that made the body seem less binding, yet the body and the universe were still present. In Oct 2009 was all perceptual information dissolved in direct Knowledge, and the effect was absolute rapture; the body never was, the universe never was, there was only direct Qualitative Knowledge of my Identity and Reality Being Absolute Love begetting Absolute Love, continuously as an undivided energetic interchange.

I am not familiar with Advaita teachings per se, but keep in mind that all teachings in the world of perception are several stages away from Absolute Knowledge. The Answer is directly Revealed; it is not in a description of it.

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