Relief vs grief – only Self-Inquiry will satisfy the seeker

If I were to anthropomorphize, I could say that God is in a precarious position when it comes to “answering” the son and his whims. If God answers the son’s prayers according to the son’s whims, God would have to Be something He is not, and He cannot Be but Love. God’s Will is only Love. The son would seem to whim otherwise here on Earth, with his belief in suffering and death. To join in the son’s whims, God would have to answer the prayer for separation. Yet how could God whim other than Love, when his only Will is Love? How could God possibly offer “not love”, which would essentially be agreeing with a form of avoiding his Love?

Love on Earth must be “taken with a grain of salt” as the old saying goes. Like salt in water, attachment love on Earth always dissolves back into Divine Love. Bodies, the seeming source of attachment, degrade back into non-attached Source. Even the most devout Christian sometimes gets angry with God for “taking away form”, until the realization occurs that Heaven is an absolute state, not a place. Life is lived in peace without the specialness of place and time when this realization occurs. The idea of some bodies being more special than others is dissolved.

There is only One Son and he wants only the Father. This translates to everyone’s ultimate goal of letting go of the body to rest in eternity.

Consciousness appears to be present and not present, and to believe in the attachment love of it as being permanent is to be but disappointed, and stuck in the awful cycle of “loving God when He complies with whims” and “hating God when he doesn’t”. God is anthropomorphized by the son as if God is like a human father, endlessly subject to propagating the belief in suffering and death, when God’s Love is the only Permanence. Forgive the belief in the body, and allow for the God-given Relief of forgetting it, by letting thoughts about it go. God is not in a position to support the whims of the Son, when His Will for His Son is only Love. Therefore, to transcend the grief of attachment love, one forgives the son his belief in the body, and understands the truth of its release.

Practice Self-Inquiry, vs worship death. Only Self-Inquiry will satisfy the seeker.

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