Heaven on Earth a free state

Where is a free ashram, or a healing house where folks seeking enlightenment of belief in “lack of peace” can rest? Nowhere on Earth does such a place exist. The material is a realm where work is the axiom on which survival seemingly rests. One must sacrifice beforehand in order to “relax” afterwards. And as soon as the positive effects of sacrifice run out, the ashram gives the boot.

It’s ok, though, there is a free state. Everything is perfect, just as it is, right where you sit.

Be Still and Know (I am) God,” said Jesus. “The Kingdom of Heaven is Within.”

Forget about the terms “spirituality”, “seeking enlightenment”, “self-help”; it has all become commercialized by the part of mind that believes in fixing illusion with illusion, and there is nothing “out there” that you really want. It all has a price ~ time away from Peace.

Let go of all thoughts about. Rest in the total freedom of Spirit, ever innately unified in Love. Self-Love is what you want, and it is Freely Given. In the absence of thoughts about lies ones own inner Guru or Guide, the Holy Spirit. He is the one who shares the final dream that is a happy one, in which the gifts of God are received, and “Heaven on Earth” a free state.

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