Q&A on withdrawal of the senses

GM this post goes nicely with answering your questions about thinking - God's Thinking is Balanced and thus the division of One Stillness into an interchanging two, presenting (to the senses) the illusion of appearance/disappearance/reappearance of effect of that division is KNOWN eternally, qualitatively, as interchanging ecstasy. To 'think about' the database of sensed observations … Continue reading Q&A on withdrawal of the senses

Withdrawal of the senses

Mind cannot be eliminated. Mind is synonymous with Self/Soul/Source/Creator/God. The ego database of sensed observations can be transcended via withdrawal of the senses, but Mind cannot be withdrawn, neither temporarily or permanently. To say Mind can be eliminated is to say that God can die. It is a ludicrous supposition based purely in fantasy; based … Continue reading Withdrawal of the senses

Oneness with The Divine Trinity of Knowledge & Thinking

Knowledge can never be divided from Thinking to express Knowledge. Idea (Self/Stillness) and it's expression (body of motion) are One - they occur simultaneously in the Timelessness of the Divine Trinity of Light - there is no "going back and forth" in Reality, there is only rest in the qualitative nature of imagining dynamic ecstasy. … Continue reading Oneness with The Divine Trinity of Knowledge & Thinking

Lack runs out

What to do “after” enlightenment, asks the mind prior. Nothing different is the Answer (which, unlike the question, did not arise in time). “Chop wood and carry water,” said Buddha, speaking practically. One may find the body carries on and one is simply no longer seemingly subject to identification with it. I remember the very … Continue reading Lack runs out

Heaven on Earth a free state

Where is a free ashram, or a healing house where folks seeking enlightenment of belief in “lack of peace” can rest? Nowhere on Earth does such a place exist. The material is a realm where work is the axiom on which survival seemingly rests. One must sacrifice beforehand in order to “relax” afterwards. And as … Continue reading Heaven on Earth a free state

Pure Love is not a concept

The core of the ego rests on the axiom of the belief that the mind can judge between “right vs wrong”, “good vs evil”, “hell vs heaven”; the core of the ego teeter-totters on the belief in duality, or the possibility of separation of the whole Mind into opposing parts. The Holy Spirit, or the … Continue reading Pure Love is not a concept

Look past heroes and villains

The Holy Spirit looks past heroes and villains alike to the Truth: “good” is no different than “bad” when it comes to illusion. The hero is just as seemingly entangled in the material as the villain. Under the desire to help other bodies is the ego trying to stay sovereign, just like it is the … Continue reading Look past heroes and villains