Heaven on Earth a free state

Where is a free ashram, or a healing house where folks seeking enlightenment of belief in “lack of peace” can rest? Nowhere on Earth does such a place exist. The material is a realm where work is the axiom on which survival seemingly rests. One must sacrifice beforehand in order to “relax” afterwards. And as … Continue reading Heaven on Earth a free state

From within the Mind of the seeker

Questions arise from listening to the voice for ego as it seems to project one away from Love, and the one Answer arises from the Voice for the Holy Spirit as it “re-unifies” (Unity is already) one through the Memory of Love. Scripting away from Love can project infinite questions but cannot contain the one … Continue reading From within the Mind of the seeker

One Answer to many questions

The Holy Spirit or the Voice for God, which exists in all of us, does not look at differences in perception. He sees past illusion and looks straight to Truth.  The ego says to look at the perceived differences and make something out of them. All that is made of them by ego is more … Continue reading One Answer to many questions