In search of the fruitless

Q: I am working on tracking down the original thought that is the basis for the so called database of ego.  It could be the sensed thought "I AM."  If one really is not, as in deep sleep or when they are flowing and only NOW, which does not form a memory, this thinking mind … Continue reading In search of the fruitless

Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

I used to believe karma could follow the Son of God 'from lifetime to lifetime'. That belief left, as it is Known that consciousness itself never was. In the Light of Self; there is no such device as consciousness. There is only Awareness that is one's Absolute Birthright. Everything consciousness dreams up is mind fiction, … Continue reading Falsehood disappears as Truth is Known

Perfect Peace without exception

Occluded by the sensual interpretation of the illusion of it not happening, the peace of enlightenment is what already is. Perfect Peace is the Birthright of the Self. Please forgive the temporal nature of the following account, for the only Truth in time and out of time is Love. This is the Truth that seems … Continue reading Perfect Peace without exception

Find the split and let it go

Healing happens as mind resumes Knowledge of Self-Love. Sometimes the body appears to follow suit, and heal as well. And yet, all bodily healing is as temporary as perception itself; permanent healing happens in the mind, regardless of the physical, when the will is Known to Be Unified with God's. This is why it is … Continue reading Find the split and let it go

Relax into Love

The body demonstrates the mind's ability to hold position outside of resting in Source/Self/Love. Everything the body does comes from thoughts held first in mind. Beyond mind-body is Love, ever extending. Rest in this Love, and the body is free to communicate Love. It is pure Relief to let go of positions, and relax into … Continue reading Relax into Love

Fear of enlightenment

What is the fear of enlightenment? It is nothing more than the fear of the death of a thought system that is seemingly capable of selecting between illusions. That which can select this falsehood or that falsehood as being more “valuable”, “worthy” or “meaningful” is disabled by enlightenment -- and it all becomes Good, with … Continue reading Fear of enlightenment

Deep surrender, deep Love

With deep surrender of the thoughts about the content of consciousness is Awareness of deep Love. Surrender of emotional attachment to the temporary uncovers the infinite Awareness of the Context that Sources Allness, Always. Only ego or the voice for the temporary would have one get emotional when the temporary seems threatened. Spirit, though, cannot … Continue reading Deep surrender, deep Love

Lack runs out

What to do “after” enlightenment, asks the mind prior. Nothing different is the Answer (which, unlike the question, did not arise in time). “Chop wood and carry water,” said Buddha, speaking practically. One may find the body carries on and one is simply no longer seemingly subject to identification with it. I remember the very … Continue reading Lack runs out

Relief vs grief – only Self-Inquiry will satisfy the seeker

If I were to anthropomorphize, I could say that God is in a precarious position when it comes to “answering” the son and his whims. If God answers the son's prayers according to the son's whims, God would have to Be something He is not, and He cannot Be but Love. God's Will is only … Continue reading Relief vs grief – only Self-Inquiry will satisfy the seeker

The final dream is a happy dream

“What is the resurrection? Very simply, the resurrection is the overcoming or surmounting of death. It is a reawakening or a rebirth, a change of mind about the meaning of the world. It is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit's interpretation of the world's purpose; it is the acceptance of the Atonement for oneself. It … Continue reading The final dream is a happy dream

Everybody’s the good guy

Belief in attack is what brings the Son of God to mind as a terrorist. With acceptance of the Atonement, one realizes that the terrorist is Still the Son of God, who, in Reality, only wants the Father's Love. The Father's Love is his only desire. He does not, when all is said and done, … Continue reading Everybody’s the good guy

Can you surrender it?

One believes oneself to be in pain, or receiving pleasure, about something or other. Something in consciousness seems grievous or welcome. “Your pain” might be “somebody else's pleasure” and vice versa. Who knows what illusion of life without the Father is held in consciousness, and what its fleeting meaning was? It came, and it went, … Continue reading Can you surrender it?