Conscious division of one state

No idea of “what God is or might be” resonates in the state of Absolute Awareness. Concept about what God might be is dissolved in a Love so great that there are no words to describe its Magnitude (one can only capitalize :). One may say, in the event of consciousness’s return, that the quality of knowing God as Source is Love, but the infinite nature of that Love is ineffable, and cannot be consciously quantified.

A great Source powers consciousness. Without divinity there could be no perception. Knowledge in the Absolute state is devoid of perception and form; the Absolute is devoid of consciousness altogether. The absolute state of mind is like an “exchange” of pure love between Creator and Created, Creator extending Creation: mind is not split from Source and is fully at rest in its own Self. One is the Energy itself of giving and receiving Pure Love. It is like having only knowledge of the Energy of Love with no indication of an event horizon that takes one away from Knowing it – there is nothing to sense as this Love is all there is.

The absolute is pure Self-Awareness of oneness with Divinity, of absolute universal connection. Creator is extending Love and Created receives Love and responds with the extension of more of the same Love. It is known that this same perfect Love receives and extends itself for all of eternity. This is the Power that passes the Earth into the idea of Heaven until they become one again.

Consciousness experiences seemingly lesser degrees of the same quality of love that is innately shared between Creator and Created, God and Son. It is the same quality, yet it is a reflection of the original state only, and depending on what is held in mind that “blocks” Awareness of it, it is experienced in consciousness by degrees, not by it’s Totality. The absolute state of mind is eternally known only as the Totality of Creator and Created, while conscious mind appears to divide the Absolute into the births and deaths of many.

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