He forgives, he forgets, and He Remembers

There is no such thing as cause and effect among illusions. One illusion cannot impact another illusion beyond a seeming combination of their effects. Illusions are concepts of a false reality and so have nothing to do with one another.

There is only one Cause, and one Effect. God/Creator/Source is the Cause and His Son, or the extension of His Self, is the Effect. God Causes Love to extend as His Self, and His Self Creates by extending that Love. This is God’s Will, and when the Son/Self is serving His True Function, He is creating alike. Creation occurs where Love is the only currency.

What of the material realm? What of Earth, and of bodies? None are created by the only Cause and Effect, but made up by the whims of the Son of God under the self-induced spell of the belief in separation, and the concept of existence outside of Love’s Cause and Effect.

Not being happy with the constantly changing images he has made of himself and his brothers, the Son of God yearns to return to the consistency of Creating in Heaven via the effortless giving and receiving of Love between Father and Son. He grows tired of the trials and errors of donning a temporary clay garment that serves only as a platform for demonstrating the beliefs in suffering and death. And so he looks past all that he has seemingly done to His Cause, and begins again to behave as Effect. He looks past all illusion: he forgives and he forgets, as He Remembers.

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