Investing in Reality

One Truth can’t be bought or sold from the event horizon of possibility, because Truth’s only currency is Love, and Love is Freely Given and Connects all things. But surrender to Love, and have everything one could ever want to buy or sell Given. Love is forever changeless, forever consistent, never varying in its essential nature. Illusions, though, are like chameleons – illusions are bought and sold with an endless variety of changing currencies.

There is only one decision to make for Truth: the choice for Love, which is as simple as handing over all perceived problems to the Holy Spirit. One decides to be in agreement with Love’s Will to extend itself, and in that holy instant, one wants nothing more, nothing less. Having tasted the Truth, who would legitimately still want illusion?

While deciding for Truth is not complicated, there are innumerable complicated decisions to make when it comes to maintaining illusions, and it is always a painstaking process with no single, solid frame of reference to fall back on. The rug can be pulled out from under any illusion at any time, for any reason, because illusion can’t stand on its own, and must be confirmed by another witness to it; one must seek out and find another to agree on the currency being used to buy and sell.

Is the seller/buyer using anger? Desire? Grief? Pride? Once the currency is agreed upon, only then can the illusion be shared. And from there, the shared illusion seems to grow and further entangle those who agreed upon its apparent reality. Illusions based in anger serve only to increase anger, illusions based in desire serve only to increase desire, etc., etc. Because illusions are not true, the only thing that ever seems “real” about them are the energies or levels of consciousness that apparently fuel them.

It always takes at least two people to share illusions and be subject to their base currencies. Thus is God’s Innately Loved and Loving Son divided into billions of seemingly separate little pieces by the changing currencies of illusion. All but the currency of Love is used to keep the seeming status quos, for the fear of loss seems very real to those who have invested outside of it.

While it takes at least two to grow illusion, it only takes one to remove it. Love is never complicated, and no illusion can ever make it leave. Buying and selling illusions is very complicated, but letting them go is very easy. To let go of illusion, look at what is, always was, and always will be. Look past the form that has been sculpted from illusion to try and prove the separation to the Truth of Perfect Unity within.

Turn to the person next to you. See him not as a conglomerate of illusions, some of which you agree with, some of which you despise, but as your brother in Love, equal in the light of your shared Creator’s Self. Give up buying and selling illusions about him, and you will surrender illusions about yourself.

While it takes a lot of work and at least two people to make something out of nothing, it takes only one to effortlessly recognize the Truth as it has always been. It takes only one to change all currencies back to Love, and to invest again in what’s Real.

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