Investing in Reality

One Truth can't be bought or sold from the event horizon of possibility, because Truth's only currency is Love, and Love is Freely Given and Connects all things. But surrender to Love, and have everything one could ever want to buy or sell Given. Love is forever changeless, forever consistent, never varying in its essential … Continue reading Investing in Reality

He forgives, he forgets, and He Remembers

There is no such thing as cause and effect among illusions. One illusion cannot impact another illusion beyond a seeming combination of their effects. Illusions are concepts of a false reality and so have nothing to do with one another. There is only one Cause, and one Effect. God/Creator/Source is the Cause and His Son, … Continue reading He forgives, he forgets, and He Remembers

Only Truth is always true

There is no such thing as sin. Everybody has everything already given them. Differences are illusions that can never be. And yet. In the world of appearances, it seems that sin is everywhere, it looks like there is discord over lack, and Love is chronically withheld in the name of difference. All of these dramatic … Continue reading Only Truth is always true

Remembering the straight goods

When the light went on that I had been seeing different bodies vs viewing the Same Self, the real healing began. When I look back on my childhood, what stands out most is the overwhelming, all-encompassing love I experienced for my mother. The sun rose and set on my mom. She was everything to me. … Continue reading Remembering the straight goods

Differences can never actually Be

For the spiritual student, analyzing the ego's illusions vs deferring to the Holy Spirit can be attractive to the intellect. In this way, which is counter to spiritual progress, the intellect operates as a kind of glamorized self-pride. It categorizes and keeps what it thinks to be valuable spiritually, and projects what it thinks to … Continue reading Differences can never actually Be

Always a Happy Ending

God creates by eternal extension of Love, and this Power is within us all. Ego makes things by projection of all that is not Love and sorts through its projections on a sensual visual screen, keeping what is randomly self-defined as desirable to identify with and discarding what is not. The process is quite like … Continue reading Always a Happy Ending

I love you for the truth in you

As a child in Sunday school I didn't understand why Jesus would love me. When I sang the song “Jesus loves me, this I know” I didn't know it, and I sang it full of doubt. Jesus doesn't love me for what I have made of myself. He doesn't love me for my ego because … Continue reading I love you for the truth in you