The road back Home is ever lit and clear

In the nonlinear state wherein one is in direct receipt of real Knowledge, which is Love that is simultaneously from and for God/Self, perception does not exist. There is no conception of form in the state of the Self that naturally enjoys the extension of Love, and by the enjoyment of it completes Self’s Will. There are no concepts at all, there is no such thing as thinkingness. The mind is quiet, and one is known to be an integral part of the Creation of giving and receiving Love; one is known to be fulfilling one’s function perfectly, as Willed by one’s Creator. In the state that Love Created, there is no need for seekingness for anything outside of this function. Only perception, which evolves from the idea that “things could be different” is conscious of form and all of its diversity. Awareness of Self-Love is complete Knowledge, changeless and formless.

Awareness of Self-Love never changes, though the shifting forms of the concepts driving perception change all the time, and the static of change can seem to interfere with changeless reception. Love is always present, and is always the same quality of infinite Love that goes on and on forever. In spacetime though, (spacetime being the device that appears to separate one from one’s true function, and wherein the shifting forms of perception reside) with the perception of the universal form, Awareness of this nonlinear Love is seemingly blocked by the apparently solid nature of form evolved in the name of perceiving different things. It is not that Love ever goes away; It is only seemingly separated from by thinking of different functions which require working with materials that have nothing to do with the innately occurring exchange of it.

There is the belief that instead of being one with Creator/God/Source/Self we can both suffer pain and enjoy pleasure based on the work we do with the form we make, and so we do. Self’s Will is that one is free to choose, and when we choose outside of Love we can think and do what seems attractive without Love interfering. And so against a Backdrop of Relief, belief forms a different world, for a time.

Love is not complicated, it is never different; Love neither judges for nor against the world of perception, but conceptions existing in time are very complicated, and always based on judging for or against. For a time, while we veer off from the uncomplicated truth we compare complicated illusions to complicated illusions, conceptualizing both the mazes and the intelligence to find the ways out of them.

The mind grows weary, though, of playing a game that has no outcome other than continually resetting the game pieces, over and over. With the projection of the wish to perceive something different, there is seeming existence outside of true function and the only result can be repeated beginnings and endings to what can never last, because it was never true in the first place (and thus can only ever disappoint). The world is made up of projected ideas that become form to manipulate for awhile, toys with which to play make believe while the toys are novel and new. Everything, including the body, decays, though, and is discarded, and goes back to the inert clay from which it was sculpted. Temporary toys lose their appeal, and are happily discarded when the wandering mind returns to Knowing its Creator.

Giving and receiving Love is our true function, and redirecting perception towards returning to it is the message we are actually here on Earth to convey. It is possible to begin to fulfill God’s Will as if joint with one’s own here on Earth by holding only loving thoughts in mind and forgetting the rest. With the intent to return to true function comes improved vision, with which actually meaningful perception can see that the road back Home is straight and uncomplicated, ever lit and clear.

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