Rest in Eternal Life

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all else will be added to you” said Jesus Christ. Over 2000 years ago, seeking enlightenment first and foremost was the #1 recommendation from someone “in the know”. And still, this is not a common recommendation today. Great mystery (and even stigma and discrimination) surrounds the word “enlightenment”, and mystics have historically not been invited to speak in church.

Yet the Christ is not a religious man. He is “one with the Father” and needs no other body, building construct or special manner of clothing in order to know what he knows and think what he knows. He is able to resurrect and expand on his thoughts for the senses of man at will. He didn’t write the Bible, but he’s written more books post humus … he wrote all of his books post-crucifixion. I am speaking about Jesus in the present tense, because he is right here with us. No-thing goes anywhere. Time is nothing but timelessness divided into seeming time, form is nothing but formlessness seemingly divided into form, and motion is nothing but stillness divided into seeming motion.

To be “one with the Father” is to be one with the knowledge of universal law, one with knowledge of balanced thinking which equates to balanced creating. It is to be one with the ecstatic universal thought process backing the eternally repetitive wave of Creation that is two halves of one body of Idea, interchanging roles.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven …” – again, wait a minute, isn’t “Heaven” part of the “afterlife”? What if Heaven is the one interchanging point of an imagined two?

… What if there is no “before”, or “after”, but only the Heaven of the eternal Now? What if, one is not divided from timelessness by time, or formlessness by form, or stillness by motion, and Heaven is knowing the interchange in one of the two halves of time’s one body, the two halves of form’s one body, and the two halves of motion’s one body?

What if Heaven on Earth is simply the balance of Now in Heaven, simulated by manifesting balance on Earth, Now?

Perhaps Jesus was telling us to forget all else until the discovery of the eternal power of Now. Telling us to stop reigning sovereign “the mysterious” to know of Oneness with the Divine Trinity of Light creating the illusion of a finite, but eternally repetitive universe within an infinite sea of no-thingness that knows it all as Love becoming Love becoming Love becoming Love. Perhaps he was telling us to enjoy the expression of Life for eternity.

Oct 29, 2009, sometime in the early pre-dawn hours, I found rest in the Kingdom. It had no location, and it was timeless, and dimension-less – wholly independent of form. Even my body disappeared, as if it never was (and yet it continued). In a state of no-thingness, I realized that I am everything. I am nothing, and I am everything. I am one, and I am one trillion. I am all the exact same expression of the exact same Idea. Heaven is all motion known as two-way ecstasy flowing through the stillness of one eternal point of Self.

The state occurred spontaneously, as my husband and I were leaving a house fire in the middle of the night. While it was spontaneous, it wasn’t a surprise. It wasn’t actually an occurrence, per se, but a voluntary realization of what already is by surrender of belief in what isn’t. Four years earlier, I had declared “enlightenment to be my number 1 goal in life”.  It wasn’t “a happening to me”, but a “surrendering to it, that already is”; I wasn’t “moved” by the experience, instead, the illusion of movement disappeared into the truth of its Source, and I knew the qualitative nature of being one with the mover of all that seems to move.

When I resumed looking at life through the sense of movement, everything was exactly the same, and yet I was no longer separated from my Self by it unless I identified with it. I knew my Self to be commandeer of the body I called “my life”; I knew my no-thing Self to be my Life, not the seemingly some-thing of the body. I knew of the body’s purpose via recall of spiritual desire, vs via the mysterious and misunderstood observed-through-the-senses record of its activities.

If one doesn’t seek the kingdom of heaven first, then it seems like “all else” is continually added and taken away vs continually added. “All else” seems random and disordered. It doesn’t seem like Creation is a continuous line, but one that starts and stops. It seems as if there is a division between life and death by the appearance of the body and the disappearance of other bodies. And the addition and subtractions of one’s life seems to be at the mercy of a separate power. One seems to be at the mercy of a “God” that is “out there”. One seems to be a hapless movie, shining onto a screen of space, with no knowledge of the Divine Trinity of Light, of one’s central control center, of one’s projector.

Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of Heaven is within”. Major Tom, I’m home. Home from the movies, home to the eternal Self, eternally imagining the motion arranging the body that I had come to think of as “me” as I sensed my image on screen.

Life and death. Newborn and elderly. Young and old. Within, as the interchanging point of opposing conditions, is the Kingdom, not without youth, not without life, but with the qualitative nature of eternally imagining the still Self in motion. As life becomes death, death then becomes life. Heaven is knowing the nature of the Self, of knowing the nature of the Divine Trinity that is stillness imagining motion.

The body ages and yet, all is eternally being added as what has unfolded is refolded back to seed pattern for re-expression. Unbeknownst to one through the senses, as something seems to be “happening”, it is simultaneously “unhappening”. It seems by looking outwards that the body will die, and yet, one ever wakes up to realize that all is eternally being added. Life becomes death to become again life and like the Christ, I am not the body; I am free to imagine it. I am still, as God created me. The imagined motion of life and the motion of death make the two parts of my eternally repeating body. I rest in the ecstasy of the effortless repetition of life feeding death to feed again life. I worry not about the image as I rest in the qualities of imagining. There is no before or after life, there is only the eternal Now. I am Source of all that appears and disappears to reappear in the body that is the universe, the creating thing reflecting the creative Mind.

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