The Santa of the Desire to Give

There is forever the Present Moment of Life, which is the eternal Idea of Life: there is never a before or after the Idea of Life.

Idea Is Now, Always.

We seem to unwrap Idea at night, and wrap it up in the morning, and yet, this sequence of events does not affect the Present. It does not divide the Moment. It does not split Life into opposing pairs. It only seems to.

One is not meant to view the effects of Life’s expression as Reality, but to know Reality at its cause in Source, within the “Real Time” of Timelessness as Life is eternally expressed. One is meant to appreciate the movie for a time, without splitting from the Timelessness of Reality.

There is no death in the timeless Present of eternally recording Idea. Life is only seemingly wrapped and unwrapped in time.

Birth is quickened motion of morning time, death is slowed motion of evening time. There seems to be sequential alternation between rest and activity. Neither motion of body up or body down is Life being moved, neither morning or evening time is apart from the one timelessness. The seemingly divided play together in the wrapping and unwrapping, folding and refolding of the expression of Life; and yet Life remains still and timeless – eternal.

One with the Santa of the desire to give, one is eternally the Giver of Love that is eternally reGiven and every day is Christmas. One gives out imagined Love from the Soul or Point of Idea as a thought body in the night, and collects it at the same point as an imagined material body in the morning. And yet, one is never split into day and night or birth and death by the body seeming to be horizontal or vertical, apparent or not. One is forever working on creating a “body of Idea“, while eternally at rest as Idea. Motion is purely qualitative as it is free of belief in quantification, as Mind is known to be pure quality and is not believed to be made physical. Effect of solidity is but illusion of stillness in seeming motion – because the movie seems real, one appreciates it, and yet one rests in the interchanging point of the movie’s life and death, ever imagining the seemingly visible of invisible Idea.

I am not a body, I am free. I am still as God created me.” (ACIM)

One does not become the motion of imagination presenting the appearing/disappearing/reappearing body, one remains Idea.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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