The Knower and Thinker Beyond the Believer in Sensory Experience

The Knower and Thinker back of all sensory experience is still, and motion interchanges within the stillness, qualitatively. The senses can only perceive the portion of the wave cycle that radiates or expands masses of seemingly quantified qualities, and so the effects of radiation are feared and emulated.

We are continually exhausting our storage batteries without sequentially alternating our thinking with equal, balanced charging of them.

The decentration of sleep and meditation recharges storage batteries, and concentration of activity discharges them.

We, as in mass ego-consciousness, think we can get away without routinely, rhythmically, regularly charging our batteries every night, and still keep concentrating every day. We love to discharge more than charge, because that is the motion the senses detect and the ego is the thought system and database of the senses.

It is so very simple how we manufacture the diseases of unbalanced interchange. The restless legs from a lifetime of over-extension without balanced retraction walk the Alzheimer’s patient ceaselessly.

Gravitational effect, the balancing counter to radiative effect is invisible; it can only be known to exist as the inseparable half of radiation. Cosmic consciousness is knowing how gravity and radiation interchange sequentially as an alternating pulse beat, and that rhythmically simulating this pulse beat in one’s pattern of rest and activity is the holy grail of ‘how-to’s’. Gravity must be included for the ‘how to manifest balance equation’ to come to fruition. Not including gravity is like breaking off one prong of a plug and inserting only the other prong into the electrical power outlet, while still expecting the cord to then access and transfer power.

There is the idea of death because ‘life seemingly being (permanently) radiated back to the heavens’ is what is perceived to be universally occurring and is emulated in everything we do.

One cannot percieve the first octaves of mass generation that happen in invisible space where gravity is concentrating idea into its seeming form to be radiated back to source for reconcentration. One can only ask the Self in meditation/severance from sensing and rest in the answer that this interchange is indeed eternally occurring.

Without gravity appearing something from nothing, there would be nothing to radiate back to something. The concentrated sun and the decentrated black hole continually interchange with one another by reversal of the directions of motion concentrating and decentrating light units. Gravity’s motion winds them from space into suns and radiation’s motion, the reverse of gravity’s, unwinds suns back to space to be rewound into more suns. Gravity turns space outside in, and radiation turns suns inside out. This outside-in/inside-out process is continuous.

What God knows and thinks of this continuous interchange is supreme ecstasy. Think with God to grow the wings that fly one high above the seeming burdens of Earth, and void the seeming in the eternal blessing of truth.

Read more about the eternally two-way compensating universe and the fallacy of the belief in a one way exhaustive universe in my book.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020