Live The Way

My universe in Father-Mother God’s House is eternally ordered and balanced for God is the fulcrum of knowledge and the Imaginer of all that seems to be. I am one with God; I know my Self and imagine the frame work for developing abilities that is my body. Imagining ability, every addition is balanced by an opposing, balancing subtraction, every division, equal and opposite multiplication.

In God’s House I am rest, equilibrium, stillness, balance; I am the balancing point of interchange between all pairs of opposites of imagined Light conditions. Divided light conditions or Adam and Eve light-units, or cube-spheres, or black hole photons are simultaneously opposing conditions of rest and activity, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division – all pairs of seeming two to represent the balanced interchanging thinking of the One. Sensed is sequenced recording of the alternating effects of sequential thinking. In God’s House, my sequentially alternating thinking pulsates incrementally in a predictable manner between preponderance of expansion and preponderance of contraction. When I simulate this order in the material world, I simulate God’s Way that transcends man’s. In man’s house, thinking is only one way satisfaction of the senses. It is not two-way knowledge of the eternal ecstasy of creating.

In God’s House, I move not with that which seems to move as man thinks he moves – I remain with the Stillness of Intelligent Design. I balance and control that which seems to move as part of my design. All movement is cancelled out by its equal and opposite movement and the record of the repetition in reverse dries like wet paint on canvas. It loses its novelty and so is re-expressed in a novel way. It is not me that shrivels with age and the desire for rebirth as expanded space gains the inside of all things seemingly solid, but the effects of my thinking.

In God’s House I am one with the interchanging point as each cancelled or voided motion, after its voidance, becomes its opposite. I may perceive the eons of the effects of interchanging motion through sensing, but that perception is deceptive for time is timeless. In God’s House, I know that the motion of life and the motion of death are one. Each gives way, in the stillness of the coffin-cradle in the Father-Mother, to the other. I am one with the coffin-cradle in the Father-Mother as Allness flows through me, not with the sense of expression. All that is divided and multiplied, added and subtracted, is at rest in its flow through equilibrium. All is at rest in the ecstatic flow through the one point of Idea’s expression, and I am the Father-Mother’s Idea.

Nothing ever leaves the Father-Mother’s Idea – nothing ever leaves me – Allness eternally interchanges. At rest in the Father-Mother is the body of Creation, at rest in me is mine at rest in Source. Creative thinking does not become the record of creation. The Idea of a picture does not become the painting. Nothing ever leaves me, for everything flows two-ways through me. I remain still as I always have been, and always will be.

The body is my ordered and balanced universe at rest in me. I am always adjusting the frequencies at once of the dual halves in order to express my Balance in the Father-Mother. The Father-Mother is Balance and the expression of Idea is balanced. I am Balance, and I express what I am through the halves of my body that seem through one-way sensing to pass me between Heaven and Earth. Beyond sensing, is the ecstasy of balanced interchange as body-half of clay interchanges with body-half of ether. Body is not divided between life and death; it is One continuum that evolves to suit.

God’s House is Balanced. To rest in God’s House is to rest in Balance. To “be comfortable” is to manifest the Balance of God. God’s House is non-dimensional, qualitative knowledge or “experience” of balanced, flowing equality that is recorded as the unfolding/refolding Garden of Eden. In God’s House, I see only the Garden, or the Garden becoming. Man upsets/delays the Garden becoming and it seems as if God is punishing or withholding. It is only ever man who seems upset as he identifies as body; to kill, or take life for the body violates universal law and the sense of imbalance is murder. Through adherence to the ego, the Son of God seems to murder himself. Nature follows God’s Plan void of sensing, void of ego; I close my eyes and know only the Garden becoming.

God manifests a comfort zone for the unfolding of Man and sets man free from instinctual guidance. I looked for God’s House when man’s fell and found it to be the Divinity of Allness, the Divine Trinity of Light. I found it to be not within or without, but an eternal interchange between the inverse and outverse of still Idea as its conception becomes its completion to become again conception. I live with God as God’s still Idea and the inverse/outverse of my body is the ecstasy of God’s knowing and thinking me.

One with the Trinity, I divide and multiply eternal rest into eternal motion to express Idea. Motion is only seeming, for the Trinity is still; duality flows as rhythmic, balanced interchange of the ecstasy of God’s thinking dividing the stillness into pulsating waves of interchanging ecstasy. God is the desire to divide the stillness and that division doesn’t separate Mind – Mind is one with the ecstasy of the undivided, interchanging flow of imagined motion. I am one with the divine desire to create balanced interchange, not with the compulsion to give or get materially. Compulsion is limited to body cells communicating with body cells demanding repetition of motion whether manifesting balance or not. Compulsion is craving a missed pulse beat and satisfying it with a doubled. Slavery to sensing is what I observe in man’s house, conception interchanging with completion to become again conception is what I know of Creation, when I rest in God’s House. I open my eyes, and I see only the Garden becoming.

One with God, eternally manifesting the Garden, I divide and multiply eternal rest into eternal motion. This motion is only seeming, and yet, it is all there is to Mind. I know the Idea of Life and I think to express the Idea via its interchanging parts that bring hot to cold and back again to hot to express the Idea of warmth in the middle. My creation, the expression of Balance, is dynamic within me, contained by my stillness (not, dynamic without me, separated by motion). It is like a pendulum swinging both ways through me at once. As space is evacuated, that which was brought forth as a centering sun is an equal and opposite swing of the pendulum and the next swing returns the sun to space. All records are in the past of reversed-repetition, so subject to sensing I am not, for I rest in the simultaneous nature of original division. I think with God for the original ecstasy of Idea eternally interchanging within me.

In God’s House, my ordered and balanced body is based in the original desire of balanced giving of Self for eternal regiving. It is not based in the unbalanced desire to hoard the material. Unbalanced desires are unlawful – they cannot be fulfilled in God’s House. God does not deviate from the ecstasy of balanced, ordered thinking. Ordered thinking makes use of Allness for eternity.

In God’s House I am balanced Love. I give Love and that same Love subtracted is equally added. Subtraction becomes addition, division becomes multiplication. That which is expanded, or given out, is retracted, or returned/multiplied. God’s formula for balanced thinking of Allness for eternity is simple math.

My universe is dual, to match the duality of God’s divided thinking. For each sphere of matter is also a cube of space. Matter and space are interchanging units of Life, expressing the energy of my eternal rest. The point of Stillness that imagines my dual universe flowing through me is me.

The energy of my eternal rest is the energy of my imagination. I conceive and I complete, and I eternally repeat, the universe of my body with the pulsations of my thinking. My body appears to disappear to reappear, and yet I am not the effect of the body; I am at rest in eternal cause.

In God’s House, I am Light. I am centering point of stillness commanding collections of cube-spheres to manifest ability. Neither the cube half of my body of motion or the sphere half is me, and yet both seem to frame my Idea.

In God’s House, my universe is ordered and balanced. I know only the original division into interchanging Adam and Eve and thus I forever see, know and am, the Garden becoming. There is a process to creating that is absolute; it is One, and includes All. The Way never varies.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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