Commanding the Light Workers of Cosmic Expression

If you measure desire for expression with Equality in Source, you won’t have to remember the body. It will run on Autopilot as it contracts into seeming life and expands into seeming death to contract again into seeming life.

Creation is measured to repeat for eternity. Even as the universe is dying, it will be reborn. Stillness measures spacetime, and then spacetime seems to move within stillness between appearance and reappearance.

All movement is illusion. Accurately measured, Creation is qualitatively known as ecstasy. Measure it without precision accuracy, and there will be plenty remembering of the body or the effect of the measurement (read: seeming immersion in the duality of pleasure alternating with pain).

The difference between God and (un)Realized man is that God is the absolute ability to measure the light workers of Adam and Eve (God and the lightworkers are the Trinity) or contraction and expansion with balanced equality.

Rhythmic, balanced interchange” is key.

This measurement of absolute equality is what man learns as s/he ascends to be one with the Light as universal co-Creator.

The body is the tool to get this measurement right, to the point of appearing and disappearing it at will – as per one’s initial measurement of desire for it’s balanced expression – and Earth is the classroom. As the material world is mastered by known unity with God, (ie the body can virtually be forgotten as one learns to act with Equality – as one learns to balance rest with activity and vice versa) one then learns to master the Cosmos as Cosmic (Realized) Man, manifesting planets to inhabit at will, planting their very suns.

One becomes as nonlinear Gardener with God as one learns to measure still Balance into the ecstasy of seeming rhythmic balanced interchange, into the eternal ecstasy of stable dynamic Love. One becomes wholly the Light, commanding the lightworkers of Cosmic expression.

Copyright@Darcie French 2021

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