“God The Person” Q & A January 28

Q1.    I’m having trouble with the term “Person” as relating to God.  A person in this reality is a flesh and blood human.  Since God is spirit, how does me as a “person” relate to God as a “person”?

A2. It seems you are looking at Self as body without spirit, and God as spirit without body.

The Divine Trinity of Light is the totality of the One Supreme Person. God is Spirit imagining a body. The body of Creation, which is the Sonship of all bodies, is God’s Body. Man, one with Spirit of God, is the Divine Trinity as well. Man’s body is known as Idea and expressed via the Divine Trinity of imagined dimension just as God’s body is. There is only One Supreme Person, with One Supreme Personality. Man has invented many different personalities to go with split-from-cause effects of motion, none of which are Supreme. Oneness with God is known as being one with the Supreme Personality of God.

Q2. How did man get ego in the first place?  Is it something purposefully incorporated into man by God for the specific purpose of eventual dissatisfaction of our lifestyle so we will seek out God?  If it’s via man himself, how could man construct it if we basically are automated by God?

A2. Man listens to the “voice for ego” and erroneously calls it his self, and yet the ego does not “exist”. It is not an “entity”, but a database, a thought-system of labels in the Mind that develops with the senses as a way to explain them. It is eventually deferred to knowledge.

Q3.   In the HSC, it states: “There are no vibrations whatsoever to the spirit.  The Light of the spirit is absolutely motionless while the vibrations of matter increase with density and decrease as they approach the stillness of space.”   A rock is dense because the atoms in it are so compact they can hardly move/vibrate.  So, vibrations in dense matter are very low.  I don’t understand how then “vibrations of matter increase with density” as they approach the stillness of space.  

A3: Vibration is what the senses are made of, and is what they detect (thus, senses cannot detect spirit sourcing/controlling the senses). Vibrations accumulating dense matter are extremely high – dense matter is tightly compact because of the violent motion creating the effect of gravity that attracts matter to matter. Matter accumulates at the vortices of spirals of motion where the intensity of motion is at its highest, and disappears at the bases of spirals where the intensity of motion is at its lowest. The opposing pairs of spirals breathe matter in and out in this way. A tightly compact, dense rock is the effect of inbreathing, dust in the air the same rock in the outbreath.

Q4.    Have you heard of The Kyballion?  It was one of several books I read early on in my journey which states 7 principles of Law from the Creator that govern our existence (correspondence, mentalism (Mind), polarity, gender, rhythm, causation, vibration).  If you have, I was just curious as to your thoughts in relation to WR.

A4. No, this is the first I have heard of it.

Q5. Do you think there will be successors to WR who will provide additional and more extensive knowledge/revelation for humankind before it reaches its goal? 

A5. Yes, and WR will, or perhaps already does, “walk the planet” again.

6Q.  Are the friends you have on FB students of WR?

6A. Robert Grant is very familiar with WR, and is working on bringing to the 3D world the math principles of the Language of Light.

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