The Pistil of Life’s Petals

Creating forms a continuous line of effect. There was no beginning to it, and there is no ending; every ending becomes another beginning.

A continuous line forms a circle – it begins and ends through the same non-localized point. While forms seem to appear and disappear, the point of interchanging beginnings has always been. All form flows through it: seemingly, to the senses, appearing, disappearing, reappearing.

The Divine Trinity of the Zero Point of Still Light and the extended dual interchanging lights of seeming-to-be moving body is all there is and is all there will ever be. It will always be exactly what it is, nothing more, nothing less. Inquire within of the Divine Trinity, and realize the eternal nature of the Flowering Self.

Through the senses and inventions to support them, man looks from concentrated garden to decentrated space, and sees what seems to be a beginning and an ending. Man looks out into space and sees a stop frame of effect at a certain stage of its universal cycling – he sees what looks like a straight line leading “from somewhere, to nowhere”. He sees not that the petal of Life’s Flower loops right back to the pistil he stands upon.

What if there was no Big Bang beginning, and will be no ending by entropy? What if Life is a continuous cycle that we simply cannot yet detect through the senses, but can always know through the interchanging point?

Where would we be without our story of sensed observations, of “life” vs “death”, of “somewhere” vs “nowhere”?

Where would we be without the emotional coaster of planning the day ’round new-baby showers and old-man funerals?

One with Will, we would be at rest in the Divine Trinity. We would be “within” knowledge vs seemingly without it. We would be one with the Supreme Person, knowing that life and death are one never-ending continuity. We wouldn’t separate the two, nor would we invent a self apart from the one to mitigate non-existing duality.

As one, “we” would all see, know, and be, the same creating thing.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020



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