Forgiving Man’s Growing Pains

As we were released from the instinctual control of Oneness with God to the free will to voluntarily think with God, we were met with the loud voice for the “serpent of the senses”. As the prefrontal cortex developed and the question, “Who am I” arose, we listened to the senses for the answer. With the Voice for God/cause drowned out by the question put to the electrical nature of effect, we came to believe this falsehood: “I must be what I sense. I must be the reflection in the mirror.”

With erroneous belief came a period of unfolding/refolding the unwanted effects of unbalanced thinking. Unbalanced thinking is to perceive the Self as divided from cause and to think with effect. Cause of Creation in God is expression of Balance. To think with effect and not cause is to believe the Self is separated from the One Trinity of Source, divided into two, and the side effects are naturally unwanted.

God is Balance, and ecstatically manifests a balanced Creation. We are meant to ecstatically manifest Balance, too. The balanced body aligns with one’s balanced thinking, and the ecstasy of being Being Balance is one’s only experience.

Creation, it seems, comes with growing pains. As man ascends from a wholly sensed existence, controlled instinctively by the Idea of Man in the Mind of God, to one that is wholly known, there is a period of error and Self-correction. The error is in listening to the voice for the senses and not the Voice for God. The correction is in listening to the Voice for God, and taking appropriate action to undo the error.

Most of mankind is ignorant of universal law. Listening to the voice for the senses, mankind is, in general, operating in a state of ignorance. The senses are deceptive as they discern only effect and cannot know cause. Enlightened by Truth, one comes to see the errors of mankind to be arising from a child with growing pains, and one forgives.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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