Transcending Ego Body Fashioning

I chose enlightenment to be “my #1 goal in life” because I couldn’t find any relief for lifelong clinical depression in the empirical. I am trained in and was working in social work, but could’t heed the saying “physician, heal thyself.”

In the State in the fire, I would discover that my depression was directly related to being out of alignment with the pulse of Life’s expression; I was thinking out of sync with Truth and fashioning the body according to egoic belief vs in God’s balanced image.

As the body reflects the balanced thinking of the Creator, it is barely noticed. It comes and goes easily without resistance. The body functions perfectly and is subject to those “Goldilocks Zone” conditions.

As the body reflects egoic thinking, it gets fashioned by unnecessary requirements and unnatural conditions. For instance, in China they used to break the bones of the feet of young girls to fashion them into sex objects for future marital relations. These young girls were told that the horror and pain of having their feet broken was “in their best interests”. Believing this to be true, the same little girls with broken feet would grow up to break the feet of their own daughters.

Today, the barbaric practice of breaking and binding feet is outlawed. However, many women with Chinese ancestry walk, today, as if they had their feet broken and bound. Their very seed pattern has been affected by the refolded actions of their ancestors.

Another example is that of wearing tightly bound corsets, which constricted pelvises of women wearing them, affecting their seed pattern and resulting in pelvises too small to give birth. Bras have been proven to contribute to women’s health problems like cancers due to limited lymphatic flow. Antiperspirants block the venting of toxins from the body. On and on goes the list of unnecessary “fashion” requirements instated by the ego, and the average person has no idea that what they do today impacts their experience of tomorrow (and the next incarnation).

There are no solutions in the empirical because the empirical doesn’t necessarily link back to the source of the problem and eliminate it there. The empirical market place may evolve to sell a “more comfortable bra” or an “organic antiperspirant” or “orthotics to correct the feet” … but it will never point out the fallacy of needing to offer such solutions in the first place.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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