The Love of the Trinity

All is the knowledge and thoughtful expression of One Being knowing and expressing Love. Love is known as Balance, and is expressed by a simulation that is a balanced system of seemingly creating things.

All masses in the universe are centered and controlled by balanced Love. There is One Mind, One Heart, One Soul desiring to express what it knows through thought waves of divided light projected onto the screen of space. All there is, is the knowledge of Love in equilibrium, seemingly divided into the movie of creating things sequentially alternating between rest and activity. The One Loves the Trinity itself, and is untouched by the sequentially alternating effects of it. It is only while the dreamer is convinced via sensual belief that the dream is real that it seems real and he clings to it. As the dream is exposed from within to be illusion, the dreamer wakes up and lets the dream go. He is no longer “unwittingly” written into the play by his own thinking and acting , but knowingly one with the playwright. He learns to script illusion with the Source of it, by knowingly, without denial or resistance, being universal law.

All of Life rests in the Divine Trinity of Knowledge and Thinking The One Loves.

Desire in Me is Soul in Me” (Divine Iliad). The Soul of the dog loves the Idea and expression of itself; it sees no separation between knowledge and desire for its expression. The Soul of the rose loves the Idea and expression of itself; it both blossoms and loses its petals without abandon. The dog and the rose are wholly controlled by God’s balanced thinking, otherwise described as instinct. They must act with the equilibrium of the expression of balance by moving with the universe as it moves to maintain balance. The Soul of man loves the Idea of himself, and yet there is a mental battle with unwanted effects when it comes to the movement of Idea’s expression. He must also think and act with God as Soul, but he doesn’t always.

Why is this?

God forms His will according to the universal laws that God is. Man has free will, and thus can form his own will in his own fashion. He can seem to parent himself through his own ego, by giving authority to the voice in Mind that observes the illusion through the senses. He can seem to make his body in his ego’s own image. As he thinks and acts without adhering to the will and laws of God, he violates universal law. The consequences for violating universal law are always felt as physical: they always seem real. This is so man may self-correct his thinking and manifest the illusion of balance in eternal comfort with God. To self-correct is to realize the supremacy of self control.

The Voice for God, the Holy Spirit, is one’s own Voice – it is one’s true Voice, that represents the Self that is Idea, the Self that knows Balanced Love. One’s True Voice has always been there. It is there for the dog and the rose and the man and the woman; the difference between plants, animals and mankind is that man is learning to use free will wisely, and plants and animals are under the natural guidance of the Creator’s balanced wisdom.

An act in the play, for all of God’s creating things, is to unfold from instinctual unity to the knowledge of unity and voluntary joining of wills. It is to transition from a wholly sensed, instinctively controlled existence based in desire for simulated balance, to one that is wholly known and willfully simulated and controlled by the desire of Soul to express Balance.

Division from Source is only seeming when Mind has split from knowing rest in Truth while illusion plays. One is never accepted, or abandoned, by the body of illusion seeming to come and go. One either accepts or abandons the Love of the Trinity.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020



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