Where is a black hole located?

Q: Where is a black hole located?

A: The way I understand it via the State in the fire and using the Russell Cosmogeny vocabulary, black holes are the other body half patterns of centering matter. They are evacuated of the light waves that accumulate as centering matter.

Black hole is the expansive conical bases of the spiral pairs of light units and centering sun/matter the doubly charged apexes of the spirals. Motion given out from point of centering Soul expressing Idea is simultaneously retracted back to same point as matter seemingly embodying Idea. First half of the cycle the pulse beat expands light, second half, the pulse beat concentrates it. The two beats of expansion/contraction are of One Heart, they are inseparable. They only seem divided into alternating sequence to the senses watching the inner movie on the outer screen.

One half of the pulse cannot exist without the other. Centrifugal motion of the bases of the oppositional cones expands space into one half of Idea’s pattern, borning the centripetal motion that draws long light-waves from expanded space and concentrates them at the apex or vortex of the spiral as the other half of Idea’s pattern. Centripetal motion in turn borns centrifugal. Like a pump, with definite measurement, rhythm and order, pairs of spirals of motion interchange matter and space through points of stillness. Light-waves are “breathed” out as vacuumed space, breathed in as incandescent matter. Light is vacuumed from space into appearance of matter. God breathes in and out and both halves of all bodies appear and disappear to reappear as one.

The example given in the State was the sun and its black hole mate – borning/generating sun centering black hole and dying-reborning/ring-of-sun that has been centrally dispersed by its other half for re-expression. Just prior to senses being wholly withdrawn into point of Source, I first became as if one with the extrasensory perception of the motion arranging pattern half of sun, and then one with the extrasensory perception of motion arranging pattern half of black hole. It was as if I was in a movie theater, and had withdrawn the sense of the quantified effect of the movie, becoming qualitatively aware of its inner workings in cause. The quality associated with both directions of motion was of ineffable Love. The motion of death boring through centers of suns to make them into rings for reconcentration into planets and then again suns was the exact same in quality as the motion of life drawing/gravitating/vacuuming those expanded light waves back into appearance of incandescence.

And then I became one with the qualities of the eternal interchange alone, of push and pull, expand and contract, all within/through one point of stillness, and I wholly melded with the still Source of those qualities. “Empty” space and concentrated matter eternally interchange roles via God’s Pulse and thus does the universe eternally cycle between seeming appearance and disappearance for reappearance. One may realize both halves of the body to be eternally working together, expressing the one Idea of Self, and rest in this interchange for eternity; the appearing/disappearing/reappearing body naturally simulating only this pulse, with no separation from the ecstatic qualities of creating noted.

Copyright@Darcie French 2020

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