Helping homo barbarian awaken to his Truth

Adjectives for Homo Spiritus: courageous, kind, benign, loving, accountable, honest, impulsively helpful, intelligent, compassionate

Adjectives for homo barbarian: fearful, cruel, malignant, terrifying, unaccountable, dishonest, impulsively destructive, ignorant, passionate

Homo barbarian takes from life to build his self up. Homo Spiritus shares with life to build His Self up.

Homo barbarian says, “me first”, Homo Spiritus says, “after you”

Homo barbarian is lead by his senses. He innocently believes the body is all there is to life. To homo barbarian there is no God but his body and therefore he believes all other life must serve it. Homo Spiritus surrenders the desire to take to increase his sense experience for the oneness of transcendental or spiritual love and in this way shares his power with all of life.

Homo barbarian is not aware of God in him; he is only acutely conscious of ego’s thought system. He is innocent in this regard and must be educated. He is lead by the group karma of other homo barbarians and doesn’t yet know of a better way. He has mentally disconnected from the Love of his Source and therefore uses force to take from his neighbor. Homo Spiritus is aware of his Oneness with God and works with his own Power. He Knows he is Connected and uses his Knowledge to help his neighbor.

Homo barbarian will begin to help his neighbor when he has been helped by his neighbor Homo Spiritus. When he has finally heard, “after you”, and thereby his fear has lessened, and he has finally felt compassion for his own self, he will awaken. By the gratitude that wells up in him, he will come to Know that he, too, is Spirit.


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