Homo Spiritus and homo barbarian

Walter Russell coined the term “Cosmic Man” almost 100 years ago, and more recently Dr David R Hawkins coined the term “Homo Spiritus”. Both are phrases to describe man’s evolution from that of a cave man or barbarian to one that is more like Spirit.

This is the age of Homo Spiritus when man will work with God to transcend his limitations. Homo Spiritus will solve all the problems homo barbarian has through non-violence. Another way to put it is “Power will win over force” or “Love will conquer”.

To learn about becoming Cosmic Man or Homo Spiritus as he has also been coined, do Walter and Lao Russell’s free 12 Part Home Study Course. Here’s a link to part 1.

6 thoughts on “Homo Spiritus and homo barbarian

    1. It is a system based on the pain and sacrifice of many for the benefit of few vs working with God awareness for the benefit of all. The force that started the top spinning cannot be resurrected when the top stops; it must be transformed.


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