The unreality of death

Life never ends, it just changes form, and it’s based on the illusion of motion coming and going from a fulcrum of Stillness. Reality is Still and never actually goes anywhere; nothing ever leaves the Stillness that powers the mental levers that manufacture the illusion of motion.

Bodies are polarized and depolarized as life energetically feeds death and death energetically feeds life sequentially repeated forever. One goes to sleep at night by depolarization of the senses and wakes up by polarization of them – the rest from the night’s death feeds the senses to return in the morning. The life-death cycle is an expanded version of the day-night cycle.

One wakes up to the same body one fell asleep to. The body has a visible side (polarized) and an invisible side (depolarized). Life as we know it (day) is time spent in polarized or gravitated form and is lead by fulfillment of sensual desire, death as we know if (night) is time spent in depolarized or radiated form lead by the desire to be sense-free. Both life and death are contingent upon one another – when one’s polarized body is fully depolarized one still is, one has just changed from concentrated form to to decentrated form, which then feeds concentration, which decentrates to feed itself again.

Life is manifested as the mental levers of desire concentrate vacuous space and all of its invisible light wave forms into hot spherical bodies and then the empty space surrounding them is allowed back into those bodies to radiate or decentrate them back into the space they were made from. This sequence repeats forever and when not visible or depolarized all the information of every single manifestation is encoded in empty space – awaiting repolarization. Suns are stamped from black holes and then swallowed back up by them and then restamped from them and swallowed back up and restamped.Ā  On an on is creation thus expressed and re-expressed; there is no actual death in it.

Rest in the fulcrum of the Stillness that the mental levers that create the illusion of motion are balanced upon (rest in Source), and one is not subject to any of the activities of concentration and decentration/life and death. One Knows only the Perfect Equilibrium from which all motion and thus the appearance and disappearance of form is manufactured; this Knowledge is one’s Reality that is eternally formless and changeless. This is not the manufactured body-self that lives and dies forever, but the eternal Self that God created as One Perfect Idea, and this Idea is qualitatively Known to only be Love.

Know that one cannot die; one will wake up in the morning, and die again at night, wake up in the morning, and die again at night, wake up in the morning, and die again at night, wake up in the morning … know that as form comes and goes that one cannot actually die, and wake for eternity in the Kingdom of God’s Love.



4 thoughts on “The unreality of death

  1. Hello. What do you mean by “The eternal Self that God created”?

    “A Course In Miracles” is also clear about this distinction between a Creator “Father” and a Created “Son”.

    How is it that the Eternal Self apparently also has a Creation? Thanks. šŸ™‚


    1. Hi Carol šŸ™‚ Walter Russell explains it well when he talks about how the senses only present one with a small “section” of what is going on. Obviously, the senses limit direct Knowledge of how form is manifested and from “where”. Imagine with extra extra extra sensory perception, say where every single part of the body down to its tiniest particle is itself an observer, one could have a 360 degree informational “view” from every angle, all at once perceiving one’s nonlinear Self to be the very center of everything linear. To use Russell’s terminology along with ACIM’s, the Father created only the still and energetically balanced “fulcrum”, which is the Son, and upon the fulcrum of His Self the Son places mental “levers” that concentrate and decentrate His Quality into perceivable quantity. The Son of God’s Knowledge of His Source is the Known Quality of Being His Father’s Light, perception is of that which he quantifies by thoughtfully dividing Light into the illusion of life and death, visible and invisible, light and dark. I hope this helps and am happy to talk more. For Walter and Lao Russell’s 12 part Home Study which scientifically (yet through illumination of how the cosmos works) explains how the eternal self apparently has a creation go here for part 1


  2. Greetings, Darcie.

    Are you saying that we get to keep our bodies in one form or another, forever?

    I don’t want to give up physical existence for a nebulous inhuman existence…


    1. HI Jake šŸ™‚ The desire for physical existence integrates bodily appearance, and the Desire to relax back into Source disintegrates it from Awareness. This is a cyclical interchange and both “sides” of the cycle are wanted. You are the one driving and parking, driving and parking the body.


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