Spirit is Still – Oneness with God is direct Knowledge of Stillness

January 2017 has been an electric month, centered in what Walter Russell called “the zero point of Stillness”, or more commonly known as “Oneness with God”.
“There are no vibrations whatsoever to the spirit. The Light of the spirit is absolutely motionless,while the vibrations of matter increase with density and decrease as they approach the stillness of space. Such teachings are very confusing when one says in one breath, “Seek the high vibrations of the spirit”, and in the next breath: “Be still and know.” (Walter Russell 1921)
What is Oneness with God; what is it to “Be still and know?”  Oneness with God isn’t achieving “the high vibrations of the spirit” which, even though they don’t exist, many spiritual teachers almost 100 years later still promote (at the same time as saying, “be still”). Only through identification with resolution of the belief in separation from Source though form does man experience ideas of heaven or the heavenly (or imagined “vibrations of the spirit”); Knowledge of Heaven is directly Known regardless of form.
Oneness is direct Knowledge of the Stillness of Source that physically translates to the nonlinear sense of Perfect Equilibrium that cannot be shaken. There are no levels to spirit; there is only One Known to be Perfect Balance that is Spirit/Stillness/Source.
A friend of mine, after reading an early draft of the book I am writing “Without the idea of death” said it is like “a meditation on Oneness with God”. I was grateful to hear that because it feels that way writing it.The book is almost done. A condensed version will be a free .pdf download from this site, and the full version available in print and for Kindle on Amazon. I am very close to offering the free condensed version.
In the meantime, here’s a video where I describe the nonlinear sense of direct Knowledge of Oneness with Source.

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