Deciding to heal

Three years ago, out of love for my family, I decided to heal. I did not care about the body at the time, and mistakenly thought I would have been “better off without it”. I was riddled with fibromyalgia pain and bipolar depression. The voice inside that made me sick was the last of the voice for ego that promoted the idea of my death.

My family loves me, and they depend on my body to function as their wife, mother and grandmother. Out of love for them, I made the decision to accept the Atonement for myself.

In ACIM the Holy Spirit essentially says, “if you knew it was only your thoughts making you sick, you would change your thoughts, get up and walk away”

I knew this, even in the depths of my despair, and so when I decided to actually listen to the Holy Spirit, I had no problem healing myself. By the Grace of God, I changed my thoughts, got up, and walked away from my sickness.

2 thoughts on “Deciding to heal

  1. Hi, Darcie.

    What does it feel like to be in what ACIM describes as Heaven? I am confused about this because I have heard it described in so many differing ways.

    Some that have claimed to experience it, say that it is simply the experience of Peace and nothing more.

    Others that I have encountered say it is ecstatically blissful, better than any experience on earth multiplied by millions, etc…

    I am also confused about the word “Love”… Isn’t Heaven without subject/object? How can there be Love, then?


    1. I hope that my .pdf will clear this up for you (and readers in general), as I describe the difference between Heaven and what is experienced as the heavenly. But to summarize, Heaven is formless Knowledge of Oneness. Knowledge can come all at once in an instant, or in little glimmers along the way. It started with noticing gaps in perception where perception didn’t seem to operate and it was only Awareness. When the question “what am I?” is asked, one starts to notice the witness to Awareness that is non-attached to the experiencer of consciousness. Absolute Awareness of Oneness, or of only “Being in Heaven” happened spontaneously in an instant. After that, it seemed to be a matter of aligning the personal will with that of the Absolute in order to Know the Quality of Oneness “24/7”. The Love of the Absolute is Known only by its Quality, which transcends all experience and is beyond attachment love.


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