Audience forgiveness

As I did the radio show with ACIM Gather on Paltalk, I witnessed from Oneness how I cannot divide my Self into speaker and audience. My Father and brothers and I are one; the body is an image that represents the idea to create by division of one into a seeming two. The body image emerges and retreats back into its Source. The Source of the seemingly moving body is still, and in all circumstances do I void simulations and rest in my Father’s One Idea.

To divide I must think of opposing ideas that can come together and void each other out to simulate God’s Balanced Idea. To share God’s Word in words I must separate one Self into two equal halves. Those equal halves must then be brought into alignment, in order to void each other back to stillness, and for each half to Know the simulation’s Balanced Meaning.

The speaker and the audience are One. To divide them into two I must imagine two unrealities that cancel each other out perfectly. I must imagine two parts that need the other in order to be One.

I imagine myself as a speaker, with an audience. But in words we cannot perfectly void each other out to be just like God’s Word; only God Himself is Word. There will always be unbalanced residues from times that the speaker’s words don’t match up with the audience’s Desire to Know God’s Word.

And so, I ask my audience in advance for your forgiveness of my use of division. I am knowingly dividing Oneness to fulfill the desire to share God’s Word, and bring the divided back to Oneness.


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