The side effects of God’s Will

With the shift to universal forgiveness comes automatic relief to the body. The body went from seeming like a tensely wound, painful bundle of nerves to what, for a brief time, felt like a healing bee sting, to the neutral conglomeration of impersonal protoplasm that it is. The body reacts to the mind, and when the mind heals by rejoining God/Love/Self’s Will, reaction to the body follows suit.

Eating, sleeping, and eliminating all return to automatic functions, when the mind is at peace.

The body cannot heal itself of being “proof” of the separation; it can only act, by mind’s command, in the name of temporarily relieving symptoms, and it will do so, if allowed. Only the mind can actually heal. And the only real healing is to return to the One True Function, of sharing God/Love/Self’s Will.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all else will be added to you,” said Jesus of the Bible.

Truth is all there is. Bodily comforts like money, shelter, food etc – the positives in life – are naturally occurring side effects, of sharing God/Love/Self’s Will.

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