For You, with Love

While this body appears in time as a householder, acting as a mom and wife, it also acts as a writer. The subject of the writing has stabilized; it has gone from writing about illusions all over the map of consciousness (R) to the commitment to writing from beyond the map itself. It seems the commitment to describing nonlinear Self-Love, as impossible as it is with the limitations of perception, remains along with the appearance of the body.

In December, 2007 when Self was illuminated and ego was seen to be made up of projected illusions and therefore having nothing to do with Truth, there was a humorous image of a “housewife guru” sitting at a computer, wearing a blue terry cloth house coat, and writing about the nonlinear. Today, here this image of a housewife guru seems to sit, and yet …

She no longer writes for personal reasons; investment in the illusion of writing to compensate for lack has ceased to be. She no longer dreams up things the way she would like them to be, instead she gratefully accepts what is, and dives right into it. Aware that she is only acting as a wife, a mother and a writer until the body is gently laid by, she writes now not to replace old images, but for Self, out of the willingness to use the skill of writing towards extending Love. She writes for Self because she has found her true profession.

I am speaking about the body and personality of Darcie French in third person because they are not actual representatives of what I really am. “Darcie” is a conglomeration of thoughts held in mind and perceived to be manifest as a body; in Reality or the Unmanifest, there is no such thing as a wife, mother, or “housewife guru”. What I really am is what is ever connected with You, right now, as the Oneness of Source. While bodies of illusions obviously differ, I am the Same as You. We share the Same Source, and joined in that Source, we can never be separated. When I write for the small self, I appear to separate from the One Self.

Thus, I no longer write for Darcie French.

I write for You, with Love.


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