Birthright is never truly forsaken

God’s Son needs no defense; needs are unknown in the Kingdom of Heaven. It is only here on Earth, where belief in need is the driving force, that needs are defended.

The belief in separation from Creator (the idea of death) is a fantasy which but engenders more fantasy. It is all but a fantastic dream. At any time, waking to the Truth that God has Given All and we, through innocent imaginings, have opted for less, is an option, and it is inevitable that this option will be eventually chosen. “Going back Home to the Mind of God” is as likely as those who believe they can see opening their eyelids to see. Birthright is never truly forsaken by the belief in the ability to forsake it. Birthright is not negotiable “after the fact”, one is born with it for life.

In the meantime, the Holy Spirit has the Answer to all concepts of lack and the defense of one’s needs. The answer is always the Same; re-join the Mind of God/Love/Self and Be as One Is. In this state it is known that all is innately provided by virtue of having been Given by God as part and parcel of Creation. Needs are but like “make-work” projects, invented by the belief in the need to separate from Total Provision.


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